Beauty gifts for Mother's Day and great shopping advice

Beauty gifts for Mother's Day and great shopping advice

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Beauty gifts for Mother's Day and great shopping advice

Mother's Day: It's that special time of year when you can really show your mom just how much she means to you. It's the perfect time to thank her for all the love, time, patience and nurturing she's given you over the years. But finding a great gift can be hard.

This year, why not consider getting your mom a beauty gift -- a little luxury she may not normally treat herself to. What to get? Lifestyle and beauty expert Chantel Guertin offers inspiration before you hit the mall by revealing what's hot for moms this year.

Hottest beauty gifts for moms
Flowers may be a typical Mother's Day gift choice, but why not give your mom something that will last longer than a bouquet? Guertin recommends the new BCBGMaxAzria fragrance ($55), which she says combines the aromas of jasmine, lily, violet and rose, for a scent that's subtle yet feminine.

Next up, Guertin suggests Talika Lipocils Expert Lash Growth Serum ($56). "The original formulation of this product first launched 60 years ago in France and now it's making its debut in Canada," she says. "It is a growth serum that lengthens your lashes up to four millimetres in just a month. And it's hypoallergenic and safe for any skin types. As we age, our eyelashes fall out more quickly and don't grow as long because they're weaker, so this is a gift that she'll appreciate."

If you can't take your mom to Ladurée for afternoon tea, Guertin says MOR Lip Macarons ($10) are the next best thing! And if you want to give your mom something truly special, Guertin recommends the Dior Garden Clutch Makeup Palette for Glowing Eyes and Lips ($75). "This luxurious compact is almost too pretty to use and is sure to be something your mom wouldn't splurge on herself," she says. "It has three pale eye shadows and two complementary coral lip glosses – the colour of the season! – plus a dual-end eye shadow and lip brush."

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Beauty gifts to avoid
Beauty gifts can be tough to buy for someone else because they're such personal items. "Anything too specific to skin tone or skin type can be tricky since it's hard to colour match or know how it will react on your mom's skin," says Guertin.

"For this reason, I'd avoid foundations, concealers or any skin creams – particularly if they have SPF in them. These products are best bought in person where you can be properly colour matched at the counter by a cosmetician or makeup artist, or where you can get a sample of the cream to make sure you like the texture, scent and how it interacts with your skin before splurging on a bottle."

Gift cards: Good or bad?
“As a rule, I don’t love gift cards because they can be received as impersonal – and that’s not how you want to be perceived, especially when you did put thought into your gift,” says Guertin.

But, a gift card can be a time-saver and stress-saver if your mom is tough to shop for. “My suggestion is to add something to the gift card to personalize it,” says Guertin.

Other great Mother's Day gifts to consider

Still not sure what to give your mom? Making your gift special is really the key. And if you can, try to do something that allows you and your mom to spend some quality time together. Guertin offers up three suggestions.

1. Give your mom a gift certificate to a spa, along with a new pair of slippers or a robe.
2. Pick up six sample sizes of new fragrances and package them with a gift card to the department store so that your mom can try out the new scents, then purchase a full-size bottle of her favourite one.
3. Give your mom a gift certificate for the two of you to get pedicures together, and package it with a pedicure kit, including foot scrub and lotion, a pumice stone, a nail file and a selection of hot nail polish shades for spring – think Easter egg pastels and bright corals and pinks.

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Beauty gifts for Mother's Day and great shopping advice