Beauty testing: 14 best body scrubs

Beauty testing: 14 best body scrubs

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Beauty testing: 14 best body scrubs

1. The Body Shop White Musk Sensual Soft Body Polish, $22

Tester says: "I love the smell! It's very fresh and clean, not too pungent and it's also a very nostalgic fragrance for me, as I used to wear Body Shop's White Musk perfume in high school. I love the packaging: it's sleek, easy to open and doesn't create a mess. The fact that the it happens to match the colour scheme in my bathroom is just an added bonus. It's a very fine, granular scrub. The grains are so small that they're not in the least bit abrasive on your skin. I have sensitive skin and some scrubs can just be too harsh for my skin, but that's not the case with this product. This body polish leaves my skin feeling just the way you would expect after using this product ... polished. Plus, it is highly moisturizing. My skin feels silky soft afterwards and stays that way all through the day. I would definitely buy this scrub. It's got a great fragrance and really leaves your skin feeling fresh. It's so reasonably priced, too."

Available at The Body Shop stores and online at

2. Alba Sea Salt Body Scrub, $10.95

Tester says: "This scrub smells heavenly: it's invigorating, very grapefruit and lime with an undertone of nut oil to balance the scent. The first time I used it I was in a rushed, grumpy mood and decided to quickly use some in the shower. As I rubbed it into my shoulders and arms I was first very impressed with the quality of exfoliation. Then the salt began to disintegrate and my skin was silky smooth -- like nothing I had ever experienced. Suddenly my all my worries had lifted and I spent 30 minutes indulging in a full-body exfoliation, completely forgetting why I was grumpy in the first place. (I'm not plugging the product - this is all true!) Plus, something in it is fighting the terrible breakouts I sometimes get on my chest and back -- my skin is smooth, clean and actually nice. It's my new summer skin beauty secret!"

Available at select stores; visit for retailers

3. LIFE Spa Gentle Body Scrub, $8

Tester says: "The scent is nice, very refreshing and subtle. It's a good scrub, but a bit abrasive for my skin, although it would work well for someone who needs stronger exfoliation. My skin feels supple and soft -- very smooth! And you definitely can't beat the price."

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart

4. Escents Unscented Salt Scrub, $11.95

Tester says: "I'm picky about fragrance -- I don't like anything strong or that smells too fake -- so this scrub is perfect for me, and for anyone else sensitive to scents, as it starts out unscented and you can add your own essential oils (also available from Escents). Extrasmooth skin and customizable fragrance, from a Canadian company? I'm sold."

Available at Escents stores and select retailers and at

5. Origins Incredible Spreadable Scrub Ginger Body Smoother, $31

Tester says: "I adore the spicy citrus-and-ginger scent of this scrub -- it helps wake me up in the morning and leaves me wanting to sniff my skin all day. The scrub makes my skin super smooth, even my feet, although I do have to be careful as it makes the bottom of the tub a bit oily. And the tub packaging means I can get every last morsel out before I run off to buy a new one!"

Available at select The Bay locations and

6. Cake Sinfully Smoothing Brown Sugar Scrub in Sweet Cheeks, $30

Tester says: "My skin was so smooth and soft! The scrub has larger grains than I'm used to -- but it does such a better job than any other scrub I've used! The smell was very rich and deliciously sweet, nice for a pampering treat. It's the best scrub I've ever used. The price (for me) is steep, but I enjoyed it so much and the tub is large enough that I would definitely buy it in the future."

Visit for retailers or to shop online

7. Chanel Body Excellence Revitalizing Smoothing Scrub, $51

Tester says: "This scrub is stickier than other ones I've used in the past, but it feels nice going on, like you're actually getting some traction. It's not oily and it doesn't chunk up like some scrubs. It's in a tube, it's easy to use and, like any Chanel product, the packaging looks stunning and crisp. The smell is quite perfume-y and best for those who like strong scents -- make sure to smell before you buy. I noticed a huge improvement in my skin -- I have those little red bumps on the backs of my arms, and after using the Chanel scrub to exfoliate there, I saw and felt a noticeable improvement. This is the first and only product I've ever used that has helped. I've been looking for a scrub like this for years!"

Available at Chanel beauty counters across Canada;

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8. Dermalogica Exfoliating Body Scrub, $47

Tester says: "This is my first scrub since high school, and I love it! The scent is medicinal with an undertone of patchouli, and I didn't like it at first, but it grew on me -- it smells no-nonsense, like it's doing some good rather than just making me smell nice. The packaging is great -- it's in a squeeze tube with a wide bottom, so it sits well in the shower, and the consistency of the product means it doesn't gunk up around the lid. I've received compliments on the softness of my skin -- I used to have to moisturize or I would have scaly skin on my lower legs, but I have that less now because I think it's being sloughed away. I would definitely buy this product again -- it was a part of my skin-care routine that was missing, and it works!"

Available at select stores; visit for retailers

9. Aveda Smoothing Body Polish, $31

Tester says: "I love Aveda products, and this one is no exception. The smell is very natural, and the scrub comes in an easy-to-use squeeze tube. It feels wonderful on my skin, with small grits that lather nicely, and afterward, my skin feels fresh and very clean and I smell great! It isn't nearly as messy as other scrubs I've tried, and it's very gentle -- I'm not rubbing my skin raw. I would definitely buy this scrub."

Available at Aveda Experience Centers; visit for locations

10. H20+ Sea Salt Skin Slougher, $27.50

Tester says: "This scrub feels wonderful on my skin. It smells really seaweed-y in the package, but when you rinse it off a minty freshness comes out. My skin feels so soft and alive after I use it."

Available at H2O+ stores and online at

11. Guinot Gommage Facile Smoothing Body Scrub, $41

Tester says: "This scrub has a pleasant floral scent that is feminine and fruity. It feels excellent on the skin, not at all oily, sticky or soapy. Loofah particles form the 'grit' of the scrub but do not feel at all rough or gritty. The fact that this product contains no salt is nice, because it can be safely and comfortably used over problem skin (I have psoriasis) without pain. The scrub significantly moisturizes and softens my skin, which is no small feat for a psoriatic living in a very dry prairie region. After using the scrub, my skin feels softer and finer than if I had used lotion, and it's gentle enough for daily use. This is by far the best scrub I've ever used and I've tried a lot of different in-shower products to keep my parched skin moisturized in this difficult climate. Unlike other scrubs I've tried, it soothes the skin rather than irritating it."

1-800-361-6089 or for retailers

12. Kiss My Face Obsessively Organic Sugar Reef Organic Sugar Body Scrub, $22

Tester says: "This scrub makes my skin feel amazing -- it left it really soft and super smooth for days. The sugar exfoliates and then gently melts into your skin with the orange oil and grapefruit oil. The smell is very clean and fresh, like you are walking in a field of citrus trees. Yum! It's in a tub and separates a bit, so you do have to get in there and mix it up before using and be careful not to spill the oil -- but it's worth it for such a great product that actually makes my skin feel softer longer than other products I have used."

Available at select Loblaws, Whole Foods and natural health retailers across Canada; visit for store locator

13. The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub, $20

Tester says: "My skin feels smoother! The grapefruit scent was energizing in the morning, and it lingered on my skin. The scrub is not too rough, perfect for my sensitive skin, although I would still only want to use it once or twice a week. One of my pet peeves with exfoliators is finding grains still clinging to my skin once I've gotten out of the shower but I never had a problem with this one -- I would definitely buy this product."

Available at The Body Shop stores and online at

14. Origins Cocoa Therapy Body-Buffing Scrub, $31

Tester says: "I definitely feel that this scrub has made my skin softer. Areas such as my bum, legs and arms, where I have some dry skin and little bumps, have totally improved. The scent is a combination of cocoa and orange, very strong in the package, but it doesn't leave a strong scent on your skin, just the smallest hint of something sweet. I'm impressed with this product."

Available at select The Bay locations and

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Beauty testing: 14 best body scrubs