Beauty testing: 19 best eye shadows

Beauty testing: 19 best eye shadows

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Beauty testing: 19 best eye shadows

Looking for the best eye shadow for your budget? Look no further – we collected products from a bunch of brands and had our testers try them out. Here are the best eye shadows of the pack.

1. Maybelline New York Dream Mousse Shadow (Tranquil Rose), $8.99

Tester says: "I admit I'm biased toward pricier products, but this bargain-priced eye shadow has won me over. I t's the perfect subtle daytime look, and it's super quick and easy to apply. I used my baby finger (it's the smallest) to take shadow out of the tub and smooth it over my lids. This is a perfect item for your purse – pick the right colour and it might even work on lips and/or cheeks as well."

Available at drugstores

2. Dr. Hauschka Eyeshadow Solo (02 Golden Earth), $21.95

Tester says: "The colour of this eye shadow was fairly neutral, but it gave my lids a nice sheen that brightened up my eyes. It's got a shine to it that my other eye shadows don't have. The colour is noticeable, but not too bright. The eye shadow stayed on my lids for most of the day and it didn't crease. The shadow came with a basic applicator, nothing fancy, but it worked well. I love that this product is free of preservatives, colours and scents. I would definitely buy this product again!"

Available at health food stores and certified estheticians across Canada; 1-800-663-6226

3. M.A.C Eye Shadow (Seedling), $16.50

Tester says: "The colour was Seedling, a light brown, and it was perfect for my skin tone. It went on smoothly and blended well, stayed on throughout the day and didn't crease. The packaging was simple, yet elegant."

Available at, M.A.C stores and M.A.C Counters at The Bay nationwide

4. Marcelle Wet & Dry Eye Shadow (Champagne Bubble), $8.50

Tester says: " I really liked the colour of this product, it was light and neutral. It went on well and was nice and sheer. The packaging was nice and it came with an average applicator, which worked well."

Available at drugstores

5. Revlon Diamond Lust Sheer Shadow (Grab Me Gold), $15.50

Tester says: "I love the colour of this product – very neutral and subtle, just a shimmery sparkle that catches the light. I could wear it when getting dressed up, or just casually. Relative to other eye shadows, I found that this product passed the duration test. The packaging is cute – clear, square plastic with a good view of the product inside. I would definitely buy this product again. There's quite a bit of eye shadow in the package so it's a good investment!"

Available at drugstores

6. Rimmel Eye Twist Automatic Duo Liner & Shadow (005 Dynamic Duo), $7.99
Tester says: "The eye shadow was great. It went on well and stayed on throughout the day. I loved the colour. The eyeliner also went on easily, but didn't last as long as the shadow. The shadow didn't crease, it held up really well. The pencil-form packaging was great – I carry the shadow in my purse, which I've never done before. I would buy this product again."

Available at drugstores

Page 1 of 3 7. Aveda Petal Essence Eye Color Duo (Tangelo/Pantana), $21

Tester says: "I liked that this shadow wasn't too matte; it had a really nice shimmer. I loved the colours, they were very earthy and warm -- perfect for my olive complexion. It created a neutral look. The shadow lasted for the majority of the day and didn't crease, which was great! I would buy this product again."

Available at Aveda Experience Centers; visit for stores

8. Quo Eye Shadow Trio (Florentine Pathway), $15

Tester says: "I found the powder was easy to apply and used all three colours with each use. The colours were very subtle, which encouraged me to use them first thing in the morning. I found the eye shadow stayed on very well and it didn't ever crease. These colours are great and are a good combination to have in one box. This shadow compared very well to my other regular ones and I would buy this product again."

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart

9. Revlon Molten Metal Liquid Shadow (Scene Steel-er), $15.50

Tester says: "I love the staying power of this eyeshadow. I've worn it on hot summer days of 30C or more and it stays put, with little – and sometimes no – creasing. For a product that clings to skin so well, it's surprising to see it wash away effortlessly with just water. And I love the colour – it's a shimmering grey that works well as a neutral shade, complementing different colours. I would definitely buy this product again. In fact, I recently went to the drugstore to check out other Molten Metal shades."

Available at drugstores

10. Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner (Birthday Suit), $20

Tester says: "Normal powder shadow disappears within a few hours on my oily lids. This cream stayed on all day – and it didn't crease. The bit of shimmer in the product bleeds nicely into the corners of my eyes and highlights them – it looks like I did it on purpose. It's a nice neutral colour. My other favourite products have been demoted – this one has the shimmer I like and the lasting power I need. It has outperformed all my other shadows."

Available at select cosmetics counters and; visit for stores

11. Chanel Ombre d'Eau, Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadow (Fountain), $37

Tester says: "This is a very sheer colour that blends well on the lids. It looks much more sheer on than it does in the bottle. It lasted a long time – it just started to wear off late in the day, which is very unusual for me. It seems like once it is on your lids it stays put; it doesn't move around or crease too much. This shadow comes in a cute little container – it looks like a mini lip gloss. You can apply it either with the sponge applicator it comes with, or with your fingers. I had never tried a liquid shadow before, but this experience made it great! I would definitely buy this product again."

Available at Chanel beauty counters;

12. Guerlain Divinora Radiant Colour Single Eyeshadow (Poudre d'or), $33

Tester says: "This shadow went on smoothly and blended beautifully with other colours. It has a really silky texture. The colour is light and sheer – perfect!  It stayed on really well throughout the day and creased the least out of all my eye shadows. It comes with an applicator that worked well but it is small; I preferred to use my own brush. I would buy this product again."

Available at department stores across Canada and Guerlain boutiques

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13. Origins Eyeshadow (Lotus Flower), $17

Tester says: "This is a champagne/taupe-coloured shadow with a slight shimmer. I applied it wet with a brush, and it went on smooth and stayed on throughout the day and into the evening. I loved that there was no creasing. Plus, the case comes with a mirror, nice when you're on the go."

Available at select The Bay locations and at

14. Cargo Eye Shadow Palette (Paradise Island), $34

Tester says: "This shadow is nice and smooth – it blends well, and I loved the sheerness of the colours. The compact doesn't come with an applicator, so you'll need to have your own brushes, or use your finger like I did. The cute clear packaging may be too big for your makeup bag, but I love that you can immediately see what colours are there – important for girls with lots of makeup, and also for those of us who aren't so awake first thing in the morning!"

Available at select Sephora stores, and select beauty boutiques across Canada

15. Maybelline New York Expertwear Eye Shadow Quad (Luscious Sorbet), $8.69

Tester says: "The packaging is easy to open and hang on to, and it comes with two applicators. The colour is easy to blend and it stayed on my lids all day without creasing. I would definitely buy this again – I've added it to my favourites."

Available at drugstores

16. Aveda Uruku Eye Accent (Yuka), $22

Tester says: "I really like the colour of this shadow. It's a neutral shadow that adds just a touch of highlight to the eyelids. I can intensify or soften the colour, depending on how much of the product I use. It goes on easily and blends without any trouble and didn't crease at all. It is compact and easy to use. This cream shadow in tube form does not require an applicator so I just use my finger and it works well."

Available at Aveda Experience Centers; visit for stores

17. Quo Mineral Eye Shadow (Russet and Pink Envy), $12

Tester says: "This is a very nice shadow. It is smooth and has great colours. The dark brown is good for smoky night eyes and the pink provides a nice base coat for a stronger accent colour. The shadow lasted all day (even in the summer) and didn't crease."

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart

18. Chanel Ombre Essentielle, Soft Touch Eyeshadow (Bambou), $33

Tester says: " This colour was perfect for me.  It's a really beautiful shade of green. It stays on all day with only the slightest of fading and it doesn't crease.  Overall, it's a good quality eye shadow."

Available at Chanel beauty counters

19. Rimmel Colour Mousse 8hr Shadow (Glitz), $7.99

Tester says: " I was extremely impressed with this product. The creamy mousse comes in tub form, and you just apply to your lids with your fingertips. The application is foolproof and if you colour outside the lines, it's easy to clean up with a damp Q-Tip. They claim it stays on for eight hours, and they're not lying – I'd say it even lasts longer, and then just fades away – no creasing whatsoever! This is my new go-to shadow."

Available at drugstores

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Beauty testing: 19 best eye shadows