Cover up dark circles with this trick

Cover Up Dark Circles With This Trick

Photo de Darina Belonogova (Pexels)


Cover up dark circles with this trick

Always too dark or too light, a concealer that suits our skin tone is not so easy to find.

But beware, this is where a universal makeup product comes to the rescue and also promises to "lift" the eyes. Magic, isn't it?

Since the release of this new tutorial, TikTok is going crazy! This technique, approved by several professional makeup artists, would adapt exactly to our skin color.

In order to conceal dark circles and get a rested look, the user @blumarinebae suggests to use a simple white concealer.

So, here's how to do it! It's all about putting a little bit of white in the inner and outer corners of the eye and applying our favorite foundation on top of it, with a sponge or a brush. This way, the concealer would miraculously blend with our skin, so no fear of getting a ghostly, too-pale look around the eyes.
In addition to neutralizing the bluish and purplish tones under the eye, this way would illuminate the eyes thanks to a contrasting play of light, a bit like contouring does.

Initially skeptical, the famous beauty Youtuber Nikkie Tutorials unquestionably approved this camouflage on her Instagram account, convinced and amazed by the final result.



The most amazing thing: the technique seems to work on all skin tones, as if you were creating a custom concealer shade, about two shades lighter than your skin tone.



16hr camo concealer by e.l.f., 8$.



 Hd Pro Conceal par L.A. Girl, 15$.

L.A. Girl


 Full coverage foundation par M.A.C, 50$



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Cover up dark circles with this trick