Expert makeup tips to create an amazing look

Expert makeup tips to create an amazing look

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Expert makeup tips to create an amazing look

Are you stuck in a beauty rut? If you reach for the same beauty products, regardless of the season or formulation of the products, it could be time to update your makeup bag.

Why try new products? The beauty market is constantly abuzz with fresh new products that are increasingly living up to their claims. Beauty experts agree that switching up your foundation or powder to adapt to the finicky Canadian climate is a good habit to get into. But the most important reason to update your makeup drawer with a couple new treats? How about just to feel fabulous? Book an appointment with a beauty-counter consultant with a brand that you love – the staff can help you navigate all the latest products and are likely to match your current style with a product or two to update your look. Find more great makeup tips below to feel like a refreshed version of your best self.

Photo gallery: How to get glowing skin, perfect lips and lustworthy eyes in a flash
Singer Amanda Morra show you how you can speed up your beauty routine. Look fabulous in just 15 minutes.

As she heads out to promote her first album, singer Amanda Morra needs to speed up her beauty routine. We show her (and you, too!) how to get glowing skin, perfect lips and lustworthy eyes in a flash.

How to get the hottest runway makeup trends
Interpret some of the runways best makeup trends for real life.

Trend 1: Thick brows
On the runway: Overemphasized brows were created with brown eyebrow powder and pencil liners.

How to make it wearable: Groom your brows to get the perfect shape.

Must-have makeup brushes for a flawless face
Ensure you look your best by using the right tools to apply your makeup.

There are two things that a woman should not skimp on: cotton sheets and quality makeup brushes. The market offers brushes made from the hairs of sable and blue squirrel and from nylon. If you can afford to, invest in several sable brushes. They have shape memory, no matter what you do to them. Be careful with sable brushes, because colour goes exactly where you put it. If you want a sheerer, broad wash of colour, the squirrel brush has a lighter touch.

Get a face-lift without surgery
Simple makeup tips that will help you take years off your look.

I recently returned from New York City, where I attended The Makeup Show at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan. Aimed at professionals in the industry, it provided a showcase for products and techniques, many of them geared to women like me. I'm a late baby boomer and I consider myself to be a member of the "I want to look good without surgery" set! Today's beauty industry is paying attention to us with a plethora of products geared to "seasoned" women.

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Expert makeup tips to create an amazing look