Get hair-free with these at-home waxing tips

Get hair-free with these at-home waxing tips

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Get hair-free with these at-home waxing tips

We asked Lexi Miles, founder of Waxon Wax Bar, to help us get smooth gams this season with her best at-home waxing tips. 

Feeling good in your skin is easy when that skin is smooth—especially come summer. You have plenty of options, from the convenience of a razor to the lasting results of a laser. Waxing is one of the oldest ways to remove hair—Egyptian women paved the way around 60 B.C.—and the technique is still going strong. Lexi, Miles, founder of Waxon, a Canadian chain of wax bars, gives the rundown on waxing at home—and when to head to an esthetician.

Step 1: Get clean

Whether you're headed to a salon or doing it yourself, first clean the area to be waxed with body wash or soap to help avoid ingrown hairs and irritation post-wax. It's also a good idea to exfoliate, which will help slough away dead skin cells and release ingrown hairs. Try a loofah scrub to cleanse and exfoliate in one go.

Step 2: Exercise caution

Going to a pro is the safest and most effective route, but if you're the one doing the waxing, be careful not to apply wax that's too hot. "Burns are the biggest risk when waxing at home," says Miles. Test the wax on your wrist first, she advises.

Leave sensitive areas such as bikini and underarms to a pro. Worried about pain? Apply a numbing cream 30 minutes before.

Step 3: Follow instructions

Read the directions fully before you start to avoid any questions mid-wax. Most DIY kits say to apply the wax in the direction of hair growth and to pull against the hair. You'll need hair to be approximately as long as a grain of rice (about four to six weeks' growth)—just enough for the wax strip to grab on to, but not so long that the hair breaks off.

Step 4: Wash up

Wash the newly waxed area afterward with a gentle cleanser. Using a product with exfoliating acids (like hydroxyl or beta acids) as well as soothing ingredients such as oat extract and green tea will help calm skin and ward off ingrown hairs.


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Get hair-free with these at-home waxing tips