Great lipsticks and glosses for every skin tone and budget

Great lipsticks and glosses for every skin tone and budget

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Great lipsticks and glosses for every skin tone and budget

Many women are quick to name blush, mascara or eyeliner as their must-have beauty product. Which is a bit of a shame, as a quick swipe of colour on your lips can make a big impact.

Sheer glosses and balms are great choice for keeping your lips soft and smooth, and there are plenty of great options in the photo gallery below. For more definition, try a coloured gloss, or sheer lipstick. Don't think you have to relegate dramatic lip colours to formal evenings out: Punch up your workwear, or add interest to casual weekend wear with a pop of bright orange or red. Find the best red tone for your skin tone and budget in our photo gallery of classic red lipsticks.

Photo gallery: How to wear classic red lipstick

Learn how to select the best shade of red for your skin tone and take a look at the season's hottest red lipsticks.

Classic red lips never go out of style. While it can be intimidating, a vibrant crimson pout can convey instant glamour or add some va va voom to a night out. So go ahead and pick up that tube of red lipstick.

Picking your red – Anything goes when it comes to red lips, says Canadian Living's senior beauty editor, Julia McEwen. "I don't think women should narrow their options. It's more important to get the perfect finish."

Choosing the right red lipstick

Find out how to choose the best red lipcolour for your skin tone.

If a racy red isn't in your cosmetic repertoire, how do you find the shade that's just right for you? Debbie Ormsby, National Education Director at Estée Lauder Canada, says not to despair, there's a shade of red that's right for everyone.

Lipcolour that lasts

Our web team puts long-lasting lipstick to the test.

You know the feeling. The feeling you get when your new lipstick, the one that claims to be unmoveable, comes off on your coffee cup minutes after you put it on. Or your lipstick lasts all day, night and into the next morning, but the price you pay is desert-dry lips. New products claiming to last and last are popping up all over the place. But how do you know what's worth picking up? To help you choose a lipstick that does the job, our web editors put long-lasting lipsticks from three popular brands to the test.

Photo gallery: Learn how to pick the best lipstick and lip gloss for a hot look

Discover how easy it is to protect your lips and look amazing with our ultimate guide to lipstick and lip gloss.

What's the hottest look in makeup this year? Putting the focus front and centre on your lips. Whether it's a red-hot lipstick, or a simple gloss with a sophisicated scent, your kisser is sure to capture lots of attention.

Best moisturizing lip balm: A blend of real sugar, blackcurrant oil and vitamins A, C, and E will leave your lips ultra-soft and kissable.

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Great lipsticks and glosses for every skin tone and budget