Holiday beauty: Lashes and brows that wow

Holiday beauty: Lashes and brows that wow

Hair and makeup: Olivia Colacci/Oribe/Chanel/ Image by: Marie Rainville


Holiday beauty: Lashes and brows that wow

What makes holiday beauty so much fun? The chance to break out of your comfort zone! This stunning look combines the polish of a groomed brow with the glam of a bold lash!


Real talk: Makeup alone will not get you looking your best. In order for makeup artistry to have its top effect, it’s crucial to care for the canvas: your skin. Healthy moisturized skin will help cosmetics stand the test of time—or at least a night of celebrating!

1. Preparation

Whether you have oily, dry or somewhere-in-between skin, apply an oil to toned cleansed skin. Thick creams can create a waxy residue that may cause foundation to pill or look uneven, while an oil protects the lipid layer and keeps skin moisturized and dewy. 

2. Primer

Don’t neglect this step. Primers create a smooth canvas for makeup, but they don’t just smooth skin, blur pores and keep makeup in place; they also brighten and add a soft matte finish. Some can even give your skin a lit-from-within glow.

3. Foundation

Foundation formulas can be found in all forms, including cushion compacts, sticks and sprays. However, go with a good liquid foundation for a special occasion for fuller coverage. Apply a quarter-size amount on the back of your hand, then dip a damp sponge into it. Start by perfecting the middle of your face (that’s where most of the product should go to cover up redness), blending outward.

4. Concealer

To prevent eyeshadow from falling off the lids and settling in creases, first make sure you prime your eyelids with a dab of creamy concealer. Use a drier (thick stick) concealer on blemishes and dark spots so it will adhere better.

5. Powder

If your skin is on the oily side, powder is essential. Dust your T-zone with translucent powder to absorb oil, keeping the rest of your visage powder-free for a fresh-faced glow. 


Clockwise, from left: Pixi Beauty Rose Oil Blend, $34, Benefit The Porefessional Pearl Primer, $42, Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Foundation, $22, Marcelle City Concealer, $10, Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, $47,


If you’re aiming to dazzle without any bright colour or glitter on your eyes, try bold eyebrows teamed with a dramatic set of lashes. The look is seductive yet sophisticated while being flattering for all face shapes, ages and eye colours.


Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder, $32, Caryl Baker Visage Eyeshadow in Faith, $18, Dr.Hauschka Volume Mascara in Black, $42.50, Kiss Blooming Lashes, $8, MaybelLine New York Curvitude Liner, $12,

1: Define eyebrows

Beef up your brows using an eyebrow pencil or a powder and an angled brush to create small strokes that look like hairs. Set the look and hold hairs in place by combing with a coloured brow gel. 

2: Dust on eyeshadow

Your lashes and brows are the statements of this look, so choose a cool beige or subtle khaki shadow to dust across your lids; stop at the brow bone. 

3: Add mascara

Swiping on mascara before applying faux lashes will help create a tacky base for false lash strips to stick to.

4: Apply lashes

Snip the lash band into two pieces (it’s easier to work with). Use your finger to dip the outer-corner piece in the glue. Wait 10 seconds, then apply along your lash line. Repeat with the inner piece. 

5: Swipe on eyeliner

Define your lash line and blend in the band from the faux lashes using a liquid liner for a seamless finish.


Hair and makeup: Olivia Colacci/Oribe/Chanel/


Pairing defined lashes and beautifully groomed eyebrows with one powerful punch of colour on the lips is a modern way to achieve a holiday-worthy makeup look. Pick a reddish hue (think poppy or berry) to add a festive touch.


Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder, $63, CoverGirl TruBlend Blush, $14, Nars Precision Lip Liner in Halong Bay, $30, 4. Shiseido Rouge Rouge Lipstick in Curious Cassis, $35,

1. Bronzer

Sweep a sparkle-free bronzer under your cheekbones, then dust your temples and forehead. If you have dry skin, skip the powder and opt for a creamy formula. 

2. Blush

Apply a rosy shade to the apples of your cheeks, blending it in while you’re smiling. Use a cream formula on dry skin; those with oily skin should stick to a powder. 

3. Lip liner

With a pencil that closely matches your lips’ natural colour, fill them in completely using short, feathery strokes. This method avoids creating one harsh line.

4. Lipstick

Apply lipstick directly from the tube, stopping before the edges of your mouth—too much pigment there will cause smudging. Spread the colour as close to your lip line as possible with a lip brush.


Hair and makeup: Olivia Colacci/Oribe/Chanel/



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Holiday beauty: Lashes and brows that wow