Holiday makeup tips for day to night looks

Holiday makeup tips for day to night looks

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Holiday makeup tips for day to night looks

If makeup is part of your daily routine, shake things up a bit when you're heading out to a holiday party so that your look has a more festive touch. And if you don't regularly wear makeup, a bit of holiday sparkle can really put you in the party mood. But how do you make sure your makeup looks tasteful, and not tacky?

Ashlee MacEwen, a beauty advisor with Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique shares holiday makeup tips that'll help you put your best face forward this season. What are the leading trends for holiday makeup 2011?
Ashlee MacEwen:
Black eye makeup in different tones and textures made a big comeback for fall and the holidays so this holiday season, don't be shy to wear an ultra sultry black smoky eye for your holiday soiree. For a twist on traditional black, put your unique spin on the look by wearing a deep navy blue or forest green.

The fall metallic trend continues into the holiday season. Gold is a timeless holiday classic as well and you can incorporate this look not only on your eyes, but also your cheeks, using highlighters and blushes enhanced with specks of gold for a radiant glow. You'll also see shimmering bronze hues on the eyes this season.

While red lips remain a holiday classic, this holiday we're going to see more deep and succulent blackberry and plum shades that create a major focus on the lips. Pair red lips with a black cat-eye and a few coats of mascara and your holiday makeup look is complete. How do you make sure sparkles look tasteful; not tacky?
Sparkles are very popular come the holiday season. The application of sparkles should be the last chapter in your makeup regime; they should just finish or accent your look.

Sparkles are fun, but it's easy to go overboard. Avoid large flecks of sparkle on your face; they reflect too much light and can look tacky. Focus on one feature you want to bedazzle, whether it's your eyes, lips, cheeks or nails. A shimmering body lotion is a great way to finish any look.

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control excess oil and shine on page 2. What are the best ways to control oil and shine for your nighttime look?
If you have oily skin, prep with a mattifying moisturizer then a small amount of mattifying primer. Carry a pressed powder or blotting papers with you for a quick fix. How can you easily take your holiday makeup look from daytime to night?
Taking your look from day to night is simple with the right tools and products. The first step is to decide what you want your main focus to be -- is it eyes or lips? Here are some quick steps to achieve looks that highlight either beauty focal point:

Smoky eyes

Take the eyes from day to holiday soiree by adding a smouldering smoky eye. Adding a darker eye shadow colour to the crease and bottom lash line and blending inward will create a sultry eye. Add a slick of black eye liner and two additional coats of mascara and you're ready for the party.

Red lips

A timeless and classic look for any holiday party is to wear a gorgeous red lip. Amplify your day lip gloss or nude lipstick for the night by wearing a red or plum-hued lipstick.

To achieve this look, sweep your skin with a finishing powder to even out skin tone. Apply a contouring blush to make your cheek bones pop. Keep your eyes simple with muted tones you wore to the office that day, or spice it up a bit by sweeping black eye liner along your upper lash line, feathering it out at the ends to create a cat eye.

For red lips, you'll need your favourite red lipstick and a lip liner, like a "reverse lipliner", which is a clear liner you apply on the outside of the lip line to prevent feathering and to ensure the colour stays put all night.

Achieving the perfect party look
"A gorgeous holiday party look is the classic smoky eye," says MacEwen. "One great way to update this beauty look is to use an alternative colour to black." Here, she explains how to get a beautiful smoky eye look using a green hue, which, she says, is great for all eye colours, especially brown.

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• Apply a shimmering pale beige hue (as in the Quo Modesty Palette*) to the inner corners of the eyes. This illuminates eyes.
• Next, apply a pale green shade all over lids.
• Create depth to your look by applying a pine green to your crease and along the bottom lash line, blending inwards.
• To accent, apply a light aquamarine hue to the outer corners of your eyes.
• Finish by applying a khaki green shade at the lash line, on the top and bottom.

• Using a coral blush shade (like the third blush from bottom of Quo Modesty Palette*), highlight your cheekbones for an enhanced natural look. For added glamour, sweep the shade on the nose, hairline and chin.

• To add shimmer and shine, finish with a light pink shade like Quo Pearl Lip Gloss* on the lips.

*products available at Shoppers Drug Mart

5 holiday party makeup dos and don'ts
Who's ready for a holiday party? Before putting on your party face, heed these final tips from MacEwen:

Do prep skin for your unique skincare needs, whether that's just a light exfoliation and cleanse, or going for a facial the day before.

Don't wear obvious lip liner. Deep and bright colours are popular for holiday parties but opt for a liner that matches your natural lip or a "reverse lip liner" -- a clear liner you apply on the outside of the lip line to prevent feathering.

Do trade your summer foundation for one that matches your current tone.

Don't totally mattify your look; a slight sheen gives a healthy glow for the holiday season.

Do wear no-smudge, no-flake, water-resistant eyeliner and mascara to prevent messy eyes and to ensure your look lasts from dusk until dawn.

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Holiday makeup tips for day to night looks