Holiday style: Instant beauty tips for day to night glamour

Holiday style: Instant beauty tips for day to night glamour

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Holiday style: Instant beauty tips for day to night glamour

With holiday parties on the horizon, it's safe to say every woman wants to look her best. But sometimes your schedule doesn't permit you to spend hours primping. For some, getting ready for a night out means tweaking your look in the office bathroom or in the car.

Here are seven simple day-to-night beauty tricks to get you glammed up in a hurry. Jane McKay, M.A.C Cosmetics senior artist, shares a few pointers on how to transition your look from day to night -- even if you only have two minutes to do it.

1. Swipe on a bold lipstick
A bold lip paired with a simple canvas is classically beautiful and a holiday favourite. If you prefer your lipstick more sheer, "apply a lip balm, swipe the red lipstick on and smudge your lips together," says McKay. If you prefer a completely opaque lip, "start with a red lip pencil. Draw the lip outline, then fill in most of the lip with the pencil," says McKay. Then follow up with a coat of red lipstick.

2. Fill in your brows

Whether you have an over-plucked pair or just light-coloured hair, filling in your eyebrows will instantly define your eyes and frame your face. "Fuller brows are right on trend," says McKay.

Using an eyebrow pencil, apply small, light strokes in the direction of your hair growth. For a softer look that will easily blend, McKay recommends filling in your brows using an angled brush with an eye shadow. If you have fair blond or red brows, choose a product two shades darker than your natural hair colour. If you have dark hair, it's best to go two shades lighter.

3. Wing your eyeliner

Adding a simple flick to the end of your eyeliner is a quick and easy way to amp up your look for nighttime. "Simply take a liquid eyeliner and draw a gradually tapered line across the upper lash line, extending it up and out from the outer corner of your eye," says McKay. Once you've finished lining your eye, don't blink for at least 10 seconds to allow the eyeliner to dry.

Liquid and gel formulas have greater staying power, but can be trickier to master. If you're more comfortable with a pencil, apply a dark eye shadow over your drawn line to make it last throughout the night.

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4. Add extra blush or highlighter
That rosy glow you had in the morning is probably long gone by the time you're getting ready for a night out. "Blush warms the complexion and helps create a look of instant health," says McKay. "I like to apply blush to the apple of the cheek. It's easy to add if you smile and swoosh the colour in a circular motion over the area."

Additionally, a highlighter is a great product to use to draw attention to specific features, creating a luminous effect. "To create more facial dimension and interest, add a highlighter to the high part of the brow bone and cheekbones. Also use it on shoulders, collarbones and legs for extra sheen," suggests McKay.

5. Add false eyelashes

To bulk up your lash line for night, add a false pair of lashes. With this addition, tired eyes will instantly look awake and open. McKay recommends cutting the false eyelashes in half, and using them only on the outer corners of your eyes. "Wearing half of a strip is more effective for pulling the eye up and out than an entire full strip," she explains. Plus, they will be much more comfortable to wear.

6. Pin back your hair
If you don't have time to completely change your hairstyle, simply pin back the two front sections of your hair with bobby pins. Quickly rake your hair with your fingers to create volume, then make a slight side part and secure the two pieces around the mid-crown of your head. Don't worry if it looks a bit messy, it's not meant to be perfect.

7. Spray a bit of fragrance

Many offices prohibit employees from wearing fragrances to work. So, as you're leaving the building, spray on your favourite scent to complement your beauty transformation. Even better? Invest in a purse-size roll-on fragrance. That way you can distribute the fragrance discreetly without offending any scent-sensitive coworkers.

Follow these simple switches and you're guaranteed to look gorgeous at any upcoming holiday event -- no lengthy periods in front of the mirror required.

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Holiday style: Instant beauty tips for day to night glamour