How to do easy brushstroke nail art

How to do easy brushstroke nail art

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How to do easy brushstroke nail art

Nail art can seem intimidating, but this brushstroke design created by Rita Remark, Essie Canada lead nail artist, is super-easy—we swear! All you need is three nail polishes. We chose hues from Essie’s Hamptons-inspired summer collection, but Remark also recommends trying a black or burgundy base and brushing on gold or silver for a special occasion. “It adds a bit of jewellery to your nails,” she says.

Essie nail polishes needed for brushstroke nail art
From left: Essie nail polish in Saltwater Happy, Peach Side Babe and Pret-A-Surfer, $10,

Step-by-step instructions:

Step 1 of brushstroke mani

1. Apply base coat and two coats of the colour of your choice. We used Essie’s Saltwater Happy. Let dry.

Step 2
2. With your second colour (we used Peach Side Babe), remove almost all of the polish from the brush. Stroke it across the nail from all directions, brushing inwards from the cuticle. Let dry.

Step 3

3. Repeat with your third colour (we used Pret-A-Surfer). Rotate the brush as necessary to add more polish.

Step 4

4. If you feel that your second colour has been covered up too much, simply apply a few more brush strokes. Finish with top coat.

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How to do easy brushstroke nail art