How to get frizz-free hair

How to get frizz-free hair

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How to get frizz-free hair

As the temperature rises, so can your hair's radius. While some of us may have accepted the wrath of humidity by adopting a bun or a large bucket hat, all of us would rather not wage a daily battle against frizz.

Thankfully, hair and makeup stylist Cait Mizzi has offered her tips on how to combat frizzy summer hair.

With only a few tweaks to your daily regimen you can obtain workable, healthy-looking hair no matter the weather.

1. Get a trim
The transition from winter to summer is a difficult one, especially for hair that is prone to frizz. "In winter there's a lack of moisture, so hair becomes dry and damaged," explains Mizzi. This can lead to more potential for frizz once summer arrives.

"To prevent frizz from the get-go, cut your hair," says Mizzi. "You don't need to go short -- you just need to get rid of the damage that prevents your hair from looking fresh and healthy so that when the humidity kicks in you stand a chance of combatting it."

Since going from a cold, dry climate to one that's hot and humid only perpetuates frizz, Mizzi suggests creating balance by getting a trim as soon as the temperatures begin to rise. After the initial trim, a visit to the salon every six to eight weeks is ideal for cleaning up split ends and keeping your hair healthy and manageable.

2. Try climate-control hair products
Mizzi stresses the importance of using climate-control products when adjusting your hair-care routine for summer. "In spring and summer you need to totally change your hair regimen," she explains. "Switch from products that have deep, penetrating moisture to more of a climate-control product."

Climate-control products help lock in moisture and smooth down hair follicles, thereby minimizing frizz. Using climate-control shampoo and conditioner helps ensure that even the most humid of days won't cause unwanted volume. "Your hair won't explode into a big puff, and it helps to keep everything looking clean, polished and under control."

Page 1 of 2 -- Find out why you should avoid using too many products on your hair, plus four more great tips for keeping your hair frizz free on page 2. 3. Work with the hair you have
While too much frizz and volume can be frustrating, Mizzi suggests embracing a less polished look for summer, especially if your locks are normally wavy.

"For spring and summer, hair trends are about movement and texture," she says, "and it's so much less work if you do normally have curly hair."

To ensure your hair still looks somewhat under control, Mizzi recommends working a dime-size dab of anti-frizz cream into your hair post-shower, then letting your hair dry naturally. "Use the humidity to your advantage," she says. "It's not necessarily a bad thing -- it can create a gorgeous curl."

4. Don't overuse hair products
It's tempting to slather on anti-frizz serum in the hope of combatting humidity, but Mizzi advises against overusing products.

"Product is definitely more effective when you use less of it," she explains. "As long as you're using the recommended amount it's not a bad thing. But caking on any product is not going to win the battle against humidity," she says. "Using too much product can end up making things worse, so you want to be cautious and remember that less is more."

5. Stay hydrated
We all know that staying hydrated is good for our health and our skin, but drinking plenty of water also helps combat frizz from the inside out.

"Drinking lots of water is going to keep moisture within your hair," explains Mizzi. "If you keep your hair hydrated from the get-go you're not going to experience as much backlash from the environment."

Make sure you sip water on the regular this summer to keep both you and your hair hydrated and healthy.

6. Wash and style strategically
If your hair is prone to frizz, avoid washing and blow-drying it every day, says Mizzi. "This helps to maintain your hair's natural oils," she explains.

When letting your hair dry naturally, try not to run your fingers through it, which can contribute to the frizz factor -- and never rub your hair with a towel to dry it. Gently squeezing small sections of your hair to absorb the moisture will go a long way in minimizing any frizz.

For those with curly hair, Mizzi suggests giving the brush a break once a week (or more depending on your hair). Too much brushing can cause your curls to get frizzy. "You won't be brushing and frizzing those curls out," she explains.

It can be easier than you think to combat the wrath of humidity on your hair during the warm summer months. By using the right products and techniques you're sure to keep your tresses tame and polished all season long.

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How to get frizz-free hair