How to get rid of hat hair

How to get rid of hat hair

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How to get rid of hat hair

Sporting stylish yet cosy hats may be the best part of the cold Canadian climate, but it also comes with a price: hat head.

Not to worry -- the all-too-common scenario of arriving at the office with a flattened 'do can be prevented with some basic measures and the right styling products, says Nick Haros, a Toronto-based hair stylist and co-owner of Twin Image Salon.

The following tips will help keep your hair voluminous -- even under the tightest berets.

Mist your hair
"When you wear a hat your hair dents," says Haros.

Use a light hairspray like Designing Spray from the Scruples Oxygen line to mist hair before putting on a hat. "Brush you hair right after, and it should keep it from denting."

If you still get hat head, use a paddle brush to brush out your hair and a light mist to hold the style in place. Don't like to wear too many styling products? Then spray some mist onto the brush instead of your hair, says Haros.

Static busters
Static is very common in hair that is really clean and without any product, says Haros. He suggests spraying some Static Guard on a brush, but says most people find the smell unappealing.

If you do too, try finishing products like Fudge Head Polish to smooth out your style. Haros recommends putting a drop of it in each palm, emulsifying it and running it through all of your hair.

"It's a really good product for static, because what it does is it slightly gunks up your head, and that's what will get rid of the static."

Condition, condition
In the cold winter months, try to deep condition your hair at least once a week to prevent your scalp from drying out.

"I notice a lot of people in the wintertime have a lot of problems with dry scalp, just like getting dry hands," says Haros. When choosing a deep conditioning treatment, make sure it keeps your scalp moisturized.

He recommends using an oatmeal mask by Healthy Sexy Hair for six weeks. After that time, take a month-long break from the product and then start again for another six weeks.


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How to get rid of hat hair