How to get the fresh-faced, no-makeup look

How to get the fresh-faced, no-makeup look

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How to get the fresh-faced, no-makeup look

Nothing says spring more than a fresh-faced complexion. So instead of loading up on foundation and dark and dramatic makeup, take a cue from the spring 2012 runways and opt for a more natural look during the warmer months.

Lauren Williams, co-owner of Toronto's Lift Beauty Boutique, shares seven easy steps for perfecting the coveted no-makeup look in no time.

1. Start moisturizing your skin
Williams suggests moisturizing your skin twice daily to maintain a healthy glow. After all, achieving a natural-looking face requires starting with a healthy complexion.

"You should moisturize twice a day: After you wash your face in the morning and then with a night cream before you go to bed," Williams advises.

As for what type of moisturizer to use, she recommends abiding by your skin type. Generally, dry skin requires a heavier product or cream, while combination skin benefits more from a lotion or lighter weight product. If you have oily skin, it's still important to moisturize. Look for an oil-free formula, but don't skip this skin-care step -- healthy skin needs to be hydrated, Williams stresses.

2. Use foundation sparingly
Too much makeup will make your skin look and feel like a mask, so Williams suggests leaving concealer out of your beauty routine in the spring and summer.

"Skip the concealer stage because it's just adding more layers," she explains. "Get a quality liquid foundation, and if your skin is pretty even already, mix the foundation with your moisturizer so that it's not too thick."

As for application, Williams advises against using foundation on your entire face and to treat it like concealer instead. "Put foundation under the eyes and over the eyelids, then on the nose, chin and any red spots -- and that's it," she says. "You don't need to coat your forehead or your cheeks."

3. Apply powder with a brush
Whether you choose pressed or loose powder, using a brush to apply it will help ensure a minimally made up look. "Use a large powder brush and lightly swirl it over the skin for a more natural finish," Williams advises. "If you tap powder all over your face with a sponge, it will make your makeup look thicker."

She also suggests using powder sparingly, especially if you're wearing concealer or foundation to cover blemishes or dark spots. "Nobody wants to feel like they're wearing a mask," she says.

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4. Make your eyeliner look natural
Since eyeliner helps enhance the shape of your eyes, you should keep it in your beauty regimen. However, in terms of eyeliner colour, Williams suggests abiding by your natural colouring: "If you're fair-skinned with blond hair, black liner is going to be dramatic, so use brown instead," she says.

Also think about what shade your eyelashes are naturally. If they're dark, you can get away with a dark liner, but if they're lighter, black will be too obvious. You'll also want to keep your eyeliner to a thin line, which will open up your eyes without looking overdone. "You need to get that line super, super thin," Williams stresses, adding that a gel liner is the best choice for a more natural look.

5. Make your eyes stand out
For a truly minimal makeup vibe, trade your eye shadow in for bronzer. "I recommend using a little bronzer to sweep over your eyelids," says Williams. "It will give definition to your eyes and help make your eye colour pop."

But that doesn't mean you have to clean out your makeup bag. "You can definitely still use eye shadow, but stick with what's natural. Peaches and pinks work well because those are in your complexion," she says. "Anything jewelled will automatically make you look like you're wearing makeup."

6. Highlight your cheekbones
On top of giving your skin texture, bronzer will also help bring out your cheekbones and create natural-looking highlights. "Use a bronzer to contour, use blush to give colour to the apples of your cheeks, and use a highlighter to highlight the cheekbones," says Williams.

However, make sure to apply products with a brush and to do so lightly. The key is to look naturally sun-kissed, not orange or too dark.

7. Don't overgloss your lips
Since glossy lips can seem unnatural, Williams recommends a tinted lip balm for a foolproof -- and natural-looking -- result.

"Tinted lip balm moisturizes with a sheen and tint, so you're getting colour and just a little bit of shine," she says. Lipstick is too opaque and gloss is too shiny to look natural, Williams explains. Apply lip balm sparingly using your finger since too much product will create an obvious look, which you want to avoid.

Makeup isn't your enemy, but warmer weather does call for a lighter touch. So ditch the heavy foundation in favour of a more natural approach with these simple tips for a flawless yet natural face.

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How to get the fresh-faced, no-makeup look