How to Integrate Sunscreen into Your Skin-Care Routine?

How to Integrate Sunscreen into Your Skin-Care Routine?

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How to Integrate Sunscreen into Your Skin-Care Routine?

We all know it’s essential to wear sunscreen every day of the year. But how do we make it part of our regular routine?

Why wear sunscreen every day?

We’re told over and over again: The best way to keep your skin healthy is to protect it from UV rays. While UVB rays, more commonly associated with sunburn, are stronger in the summer, UVA rays can damage skin year-round and can lead to long-term effects like skin cancer, dark spots and signs of skin aging. This is why it’s so important to arm yourself with broad spectrum protection (which protects against both UVA and UVB rays) by applying a layer of at least 30 SPF, and doing so every day without exception, regardless of the weather or season.

How to integrate sunscreen into your skin-care routine

Whether your daily skin-care routine consists of two steps or 10, it should always end with sun protection. If your skin is oily, apply sunscreen directly over your serum or after washing your face. If your skin needs more hydration, layer sunscreen over your moisturizer or opt for a hybrid moisturizer with integrated SPF. 

When applying both moisturizer and sunscreen, wait one to two minutes between steps to prevent the products from mixing. The key is to find a sunscreen—whether it contains chemical or mineral filters—that is light in consistency and doesn’t leave white residue. You can also have an assortment of sunscreens on hand for different occasions: water-resistant for active outings, ultra-light for everyday use and more or less moisturizing versions depending on the needs of your skin during the year.

Then, if you plan to wear makeup, wait a few minutes for the sunscreen to set on your skin: The product will provide you with better protection and will be less likely to cause makeup to pill on your face during application. 

When and how to reapply

Reapplying sun protection every two hours is recommended. While you can do this with a cream formula, the stick or mist versions may be much more convenient when you’re on the go, especially when you’re applying them over your makeup. A powder formulated sunscreen with SPF will also improve your protection. And don’t forget about an SPF lip balm to protect your pucker!


“The important thing is to find a sunscreen that you like—not that you SIMPLY tolerate. You’ll never get into the habit of wearing sunscreen every day if you don’t like the smell, texture, finish or feel of the product. Once you’ve found a formula that fits your lifestyle, you’ll be much less likely to go a day without applying it!” 

– Kim Bubenko, Brand Education Specialist at Shiseido

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How to Integrate Sunscreen into Your Skin-Care Routine?