How to love your hair's natural texture

How to love your hair's natural texture

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How to love your hair's natural texture

One of the biggest beauty mistakes women make is trying to change the natural state of their hair. This process usually involves chemical relaxers, blazing hot flat-irons and turbo-powered blow dryers, not to mention loads of elbow grease.

Wearing your hair au naturel doesn't mean never combing or cleaning it. This trend is one that many women have learned to love – wearing their hair naturally without over-styling and damaging it. The key is learning how to properly care for and style your hair's specific condition: Mastering bouncy air-dried curls, learning blow-drying techniques to boost fine hair and knowing how to talk to your stylist.

Find out how to manage your worst hair woes, encourage healthy hair growth and look naturally gorgeous with these expert tips.

Photo gallery: Discover how to choose the hair conditioner that's right for you

Find the best conditioner for your hair with these easy tips and tricks.

Do you know why hair conditioners are an important part of your daily routine? Or what happens if you don't use conditioner? We checked in with Lisa K. Bremner, master colorist and director of education at Toronto Barber and Beauty Services to find out how to choose a conditioner and why they're so important.

Hair care tips: How to style curly hair

Learn to work with your curls.

When she was in her teens, Laurie Mackenzie dreamed of being a straight-haired girl. She would tug and pull, slick and smooth to no avail -- her natural corkscrews just bobbed back into perky place. Today, Laurie, the copy chief for Canadian Living and Homemakers magazines, has developed a more "amicable" relationship with her hair. "I've learned that you just can't fight curly hair," she says. "The curls always win."

How to work with your stylist for your best 'do ever

Is your 'do a don't? Learn how to help your stylist achieve your best look.

For many of us, finding the secret to having great hair seems like a lifelong mission -- but it shouldn't be. The key is realizing that having great hair is more than finding a talented hair stylist; it's knowing how to maximize your relationship with him or her. We consulted experts Kelly Bell and Paul Kommes from our Canadian Living Magazine makeovers for DOs and DON'Ts on working effectively with your hair stylist to get your best look.

Bobs for every hair type

Carefree and bob go together like warm weather and fun. Here's the short story on the best 'do -- whatever your hair type.

Keep your bob looking its best with these helpful hints tailored to your hair type.

Curly hair:  If you have naturally curly hair, layers should be cut a little longer than where you want your style to land when it dries.

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How to love your hair's natural texture