How to melt-proof your makeup

How to melt-proof your makeup

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How to melt-proof your makeup

With temperatures regularly soaring into the 30s this summer, it's been hard to maintain a polished look. But keeping your makeup from sliding off your face is easier to do than you think.

We turned to makeup artist Angela Peralta for her go-to tips on keeping makeup looking fresh, no matter how humid it gets. "When the season changes, your makeup routine should too," she explains. "The summer months require a no-fuss fresh-faced approach to beauty. It's time to let your skin breathe and to bring some colour into your life."

1. Use lighter products
Use light skin-care products in the hot months. "Make sure you switch your regular moisturizer for a lighter-textured one," Peralta says.

"Opt for a gel or soufflé-type consistency. This way, you will keep your skin hydrated without it feeling greasy," she explains. Moisturizer helps prep your skin for any other products you put on it, so the lighter the moisturizer, the less likely you are to develop shine later in the day.

2. Skip foundation
While you might shake your head at the thought of going bare faced, foundation just isn't agreeable with summer's heat waves. "Traditional foundations can be put to rest during the summer months," says Peralta. But, rather than brave the day with nothing on your skin, simply take a more minimalist approach. "Tinted BB [beauty balm] creams are all the rage right now, because they correct the skin tone and protect the skin with SPF," she explains. "They are also packed with ingredients that are fantastic for your skin."

If you need a little more coverage, Peralta suggest adding a mineral powder to help combat shine and create a more polished look for the evening or the office.

3. Minimize eye makeup
Less is more when the temperature rises, especially when it comes to your makeup routine. "Keep your eye shadow to a minimum and don't forget to prime your lids to keep creasing at bay," says Peralta. "Concentrate on keeping your look fresh by choosing soft golden or peachy tones with a bit of shimmer, or washes of colour like lavender, pink, blue and green," she advises. "Think watercolours when using brighter tones to avoid looking clownish, and skip the liner and opt for waterproof mascara if you're looking for a little more intensity."

Page 1 of 2 -- From keeping your lips simple to refreshing your makeup on the go, discover four more great tips for melt-proofing your makeup on page 2. 4. Choose blush or bronzer -- not both
Blush and bronzer have a place in your summer makeup bag, but choose just one. "Layering too much makeup can look heavy during the summer," explains Peralta. "If you can't give up one, then choose a cheek tint instead of a powder blush," she adds. Cheek tints are easy to use, and they stay put and provide a sheer, buildable pop of colour.

5. Keep lips simple
Lips are another area where it's best to tone down your makeup on hotter days. "Put your heavy colours away and grab a tinted lip balm to keep your look fresh and your lips protected from the sun," says Peralta. But you don't have to skip colour altogether. "On summer evenings, you can use a little gloss to add drama and depth to your look," she suggests. "Soft corals and pinks are great choices this season."

6. Refresh your makeup on the go
One of the best ways to maintain your makeup through skyrocketing temperatures is to mist your skin whenever you need a cooling boost. "Keep an Evian spray or rose water spray in your purse to refresh your makeup and keep you cool," advises Peralta. "It's a great little trick when you're on a busy schedule and don't have time to redo all of your makeup for an evening event." Keep your mister bottle in the fridge until you leave for added cooling effect.

7. Remove makeup at night
Last but not least, no matter how tired you are, make sure you remove your makeup at night, cautions Peralta. "Due to the warmer climate, breakouts can occur more often during the summer," she explains. "Before heading to bed, remove your makeup with a foaming cleanser or makeup wipe. It will help you keep your skin looking fresh and glowing all summer long."

Don't succumb to looking and feeling like a melting mess. It just takes some simple tweaks to your beauty routine to be fresh and polished no matter the weather.

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How to melt-proof your makeup