How to preserve your hair colour in the summer

How to preserve your hair colour in the summer

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How to preserve your hair colour in the summer

We all know that summer is the perfect time to reinvent our hair look. The only issue? Preserving a summer dye job can be a real pain. Thanks to the constant torment of sun, salt, heat and chlorine, frequent touch-ups become a necessary nuisance between May and September. However, monthly trips to the salon can prove damaging to strands – and disastrous for wallets.

Read on for great tips from Luis Pacheco, Clairol's colourist consultant and founder of Hair on the Avenue, and Dhaval Patel, the research and development guru behind Dove's new Colour Care line.  

Don't wash your hair
Once you leave the salon, let your hair rest before hopping in the shower, says Pacheco. "I tell my clients to wait 24 hours, though some colourists say 48," he says.

In order for your dye job to last, the colour molecules need to penetrate the hair shaft rather than simply sit on top of the cuticle. Squeaky clean hair is a luxury that ladies with dyed locks cannot afford.

Hydrate your hair

Hydration is absolutely key – particularly when you're going lighter, which is a popular choice in the summer months. Bleach disperses the pigment in the hair shaft, which leaves each strand porous and markedly more delicate. According to Patel, "using more leave-in products, like shine sprays, oils and creams" can help revive and protect damaged hair.

At-home beauty remedies
Who says colour preservation needs to cost a million bucks? "Apple cider vinegar has a low pH level, so it acts as a cuticle tightener," says Pacheco, sharing his DIY advice. "Rinsing your hair with vinegar immediately after you come home from the salon will not only preserve your colour, but it will also give you incredible shine."

Tip: We suggest diluting two tablespoons of vinegar in a cup of warm water and then rinsing your hair with the solution to add lustre and longevity to your look.

Skip the hair-styling tools

Patel and Pacheco agree: you should embrace your hair's natural texture. Allow your 'do to air dry as often as possible and minimize the use of heat appliances, says Patel.

Pacheco echoes this sentiment: "Use heating tools like curling irons and blow dryers sparingly," he says, because if you abuse your hair with heat, "your colour's done."

Stick with colour-safe products

Chances are that the products you're using right now are not going to cut it once you colour your hair. To maintain that "just-coloured" look longer, "it's important to use a full system that addresses the specific needs of coloured hair," says Patel

Here are our favourite products to help you preserve your hair colour this summer.


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How to preserve your hair colour in the summer