How to work wavy hair

How to work wavy hair

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How to work wavy hair

If you were born with wavy hair, you are one lucky duck. It's easy for you to achieve straight hair, volume and curls. Count your lucky stars and check out Kevin Mancuso's suggestions for your best haircuts and styles.

Eva Longoria with wavy hair

Eva Longoria, Photography by Keystone Press

The cut
"Wavy hair is my favourite texture because it gives you the best of both worlds," says Mancuso. "The possibilities are endless." This hair texture has body and holds a style more easily than a straight mane, but it doesn't take as long to blow-dry straight as curly hair. You can get away with most haircuts, but longer hair is a cinch to manage.

Amy Adams with finger waves

Amy Adams, Photography by Keystone Press

Work it
Glam finger waves are easy to style if you have wavy hair. To start, smooth a moisturizing serum into damp locks. Side-part the hair and comb the serum through, then apply a small amount of mousse with hold. With your fingertips, press your hair gently to find where your waves naturally fall. Starting near the part, emphasize each wave by pulling on the crest, then using a duckbill to hold the trough in place. Once all waves are accentuated and clipped, use a blow-dryer with a diffuser to dry the waves. Lastly, remove the clips and use a curling iron to add extra definition.

Kate Hudson with beachy waves

Kate Hudson, Photography by Keystone Press

Work it again
For undone beachy waves, apply mousse or texturizing gel to damp hair, then flip your head over and dry with a diffuser. To provide volume, scrunch at the roots while blow-drying upside down, then flip your head back up and continue scrunching throughout to encourage waves to develop. Stop when hair is about 90 percent dry, then allow the rest of your mane to set naturally. "Beachy waves are fluffed and flyaway," says Mancuso, so don't try to smooth your strands into perfect bends.

Wavy hair products

Tool kit
1. This serum adds moisture and prevents other styling products from becoming crunchy. Nexxus Encapsulate Caviar Serum, $20,
2. To add texture, scrunch this styling product through damp hair before blow-drying. L'Oréal Professionnel Wild Stylers Scruff Me, $24,
3. A high-quality blow-dryer works fast and cuts down on frizz and heat damage. T3 Featherweight 2, $240, and T3 SoftTouch 2 Diffuser, $30,

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How to work wavy hair