Jennifer Garner chats aging gracefully and her favourite skin-care ingredients

Jennifer Garner chats

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Jennifer Garner chats aging gracefully and her favourite skin-care ingredients

The actor and Neutrogena spokesperson favours a natural approach to beauty and aging.

Jennifer Garner has a reputation for being down-to-earth, and her beauty regime seems to reflect that. The natural beauty and Dallas Buyers Club and Pearl Harbor actor favours tried and tested ingredients that work, and her advice on aging and beauty stems from a less-is-more approach. That's a beauty philosophy we can get behind.

How has your skin care routine changed from your 20s to your 40s?

I use skin-care products with a few more scientific things in them now, like retinol, and I always use an eye cream. But I do need something gentle for my skin. If something has too much of a concentration of retinol then I have to be careful and use it every other night because my skin can get a little sensitive—but the benefits of retinol are so strong that I want to be sure to use it. 


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How has your view of aging changed as you’ve gotten older?

I’ve never been that freaked out by aging. I think it’s more knowing I am never going to have a waist again—but I accept that my skin is changing. I still believe you shouldn’t focus on anti-aging too much and just do the best you can. The more you look outwards instead of looking back at yourself, the less aging bothers you. I am certainly blessed to be aging—the ultimate goal is to age, and just try to do it as gracefully as possible

Are there any other ingredients you love to use?

I like hyaluronic acid too. It's already found in your skin naturally, so you aren't altering your skin. You are just plumping up what is there naturally.


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What are some other things you do to treat your skin? 

I do try to exfoliate once a week. I think that makes a big difference. I do also think a good facial massage is really good for you. My facialist, Nerida Joy, I have been seeing for 20 years, and she always gives a really long facial massage.

Is there anything other than products that help you look and feel young? 

Look in the mirror less. Don’t become obsessed with what’s changing or you are just going to want to fix things and alter them and try to look how you used to look. Don’t mess with yourself. Just try your best to feel good, try your best to eat well and try your best to work out. And don’t negotiate on sunscreen—that has to be applied every day. 

What beauty advice do you hope to pass on to your kids?

You want to look like yourself, so all you should want to do is just enhance what you have naturally. Think about how you look after a shower or a workout, your skin is a little pink and a little dewy and super fresh. That's a good look. It’s fine to experiment with makeup, but let that be what it is: experimentation. 



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Jennifer Garner chats aging gracefully and her favourite skin-care ingredients