Learn expert makeup application tips

Learn expert makeup application tips

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Learn expert makeup application tips

Most women have their own tried-and-true daily makeup routine that they've applied so many times, they could do it in their sleep. Sound like you? Shake up your beauty repertoire with these timeless makeup application tips from our very best style experts.

Start by taking a look at the last 5 makeup brushes you'll ever use. Not only has beauty expert Janine Falcon detailed which makeup brushes you really need, she's provided helpful, quick-to-master application tips to put those brushes to work.

If you'd like to cut back on the time you spend getting ready everyday, How to put on makeup in 7 minutes flat is a must-read for you. A couple mornings spent mastering these makeup techniques will have you out the door – and looking polished – in no time!

You'll also learn how to weather-proof your look, and discover how to properly apply concealer with the articles in this makeup application guide.

Photo gallery: The 5 makeup brushes you'll really use, plus makeup application tips

You don't have to buy tons of expensive makeup brushes to apply your favourite cosmetics. All you really need are these five brushes and expert makeup application tips.

I'm with the pros when it comes to choosing good makeup brushes to put makeup on myself or on others. I always discard the tiny applicators that come with makeup compacts. It's not that you can't look good if you use those wee foam-tipped things – you can, particularly if nature's given you slender and nimble fingers. Good brushes, however, give you more variety in your application, and they're easier to hold and to wield. As well, you'll get a more controllable, natural finish.

How to put on makeup in 7 minutes flat

A makeup-artist mom shares her secrets for getting ready to face the world in less than 10 minutes

On weekday mornings you'll find Toronto-based makeup artist Alice Kilpatrick in her kitchen, rushing to get her kids dressed and ready for school before she heads to work herself. As Hayley, 9, and Mitchell, 4 "and three quarters!" enjoy poached eggs on English muffins, Alice races to pull her clothes together and put on a quick face, made easy with her pro makeup application tips. She works with models and celebrities, so she wants to look great, despite the daily time crunch.

Makeup lesson: How to apply concealer

Top makeup artists share their tips for buying and applying this cosmetics bag essential.

Many women forgo wearing concealer, but leading makeup experts say it is probably one of the most important makeup application techniques of any beauty regimen.

"The key when you're putting on makeup is to create a flawless look," says Chanel spokesperson Anny Kazanjian. "A beautiful skin tone, a beautiful complexion begins with concealer. It is the number one element."

Makeup meltdown

Expert tips and tricks to keep your cosmetics from smudging, creasing, slipping and sliding.

By 10 a.m., you've got raccoon eyes and by lunchtime, your favourite eye shadow is caked in the creases of your eyelids. What's a makeup-wearing woman to do when the weather sabotages her best face?

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Learn expert makeup application tips