Mom makeover : Lighten your hair

Mom makeover : Lighten your hair

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Mom makeover : Lighten your hair

What she wanted
As a mother of three children, Kayley Gravelle, 25, doesn't have much 
time for herself – except when she's working out. While her colleagues are grabbing their lunches, Kayley hits the treadmill or elliptical and gets super sweaty. It is staying committed to that sacred hour of exercise that has helped her drop her baby weight (77 pounds) for good. "That way I can enjoy the night with my three kids," says the North Bay, Ont., native. In between bathing the kids, cooking dinner and making sure everyone brushes their teeth, there's little time for her to steal a moment away.

This Nipissing University secretary hasn't cut or coloured her hair since before she had her first child, so for the past six years, her naturally dark blond hair has had plenty of time to grow and get tangled by little fingers. Kayley was happy to listen to the pros. Her only request was to keep enough of the length to still be able to pull her hair into a ponytail.

What she got
Smitten with Kayley's unprocessed hair, Jed Puznak, colourist and co-owner of The Alcorn, was excited to brighten up her strands. "She's already a beautiful blond, so let's pump up the blond and make it a little lighter near the ends." The colour gradation would allow her the freedom to extend the time between hair appointments to four months, or even let the sun naturally brighten the roots during the summer. Using 
a two-toned blond formula, Puznak focused most of the highlights around Kayley's face. He kept them fine and seamless – no streaks or chunky stripes here.

Tony Masciangelo, stylist and co-owner of The Alcorn, kept a few things in mind when he pulled out the scissors. "I don't want it to be ridiculously fashionable. I want it to be something she can work with. There has to be a sense of glamour to it, but also a sense of pragmatism." He added the soft fringe to help sculpt her face: "A fringe will help balance her out, because the widest point of her face is at her cheekbones, and she's narrow near the chin and the forehead." Since Kayley's hair is fine, Masciangelo snipped long layers to ensure it wouldn't compromise any "bulk in the root," leaving as much length and hair as possible.

Once Masciangelo finished, salon staff couldn't believe Kayley's uncanny resemblance to Reese Witherspoon. "I love my hair. I feel very refreshed and confident," says Kayley. "I'm loving the highlights, and the cut feels much lighter and perkier. It's great for spring." Get Kayley’s Hollywood-inspired look with these beauty all-stars.

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This story was originally titled "Lighter&Brighter" in the April 2013 issue.

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Mom makeover : Lighten your hair