My first pedicure

My first pedicure

My first: Pedicure by Linda Cotrina


My first pedicure

When our web producer Linda Cotrina admitted that she's never had a pedicure before we decided that had to change. Here, Linda recounts her first pedicure experience.

My feet have never been high priority on my beauty list of pampering. Sure, I trim my toenails when things get out of control and the occasional paint job happens when I’m inspired, but that’s about the extent of love these size sevens get. I’ve gotten manicures in the past but have always avoided getting the pedicure treatment in spite of being told by many that it is a must. Why? Well, I’m super weird about my feet. The thought of someone touching them doesn’t excite me; I’m super ticklish, and have always feared the possibility of kicking a nail technician in the face—a reasonable fear if you ask me.

When I brought this up to some of my colleagues they were shocked that I had gone all my adult life without ever experiencing this quite common beauty practice. And there I was, being told that pedicures were great yet again and that I absolutely had to get one.

And that was how I found myself at Tips Nail Bar in Toronto on a pleasantly warm November evening to get my first pedicure ever at 27-years-old.

The Big Night

I bashfully walked up to the front desk and informed the receptionist that I was there for my first ever pedicure appointment. She must’ve heard the fear in my voice because she reassured me that I would love it. Even though I sat there, nervously waiting for my name to be called, I started to ever-so-slightly get excited.


Miyuki and Linda, getting excited.

Miyuki was my nail technician for the evening. She was so kind and had a great sense of humour, which put me at ease immediately. For the most part, the pedicure process is the same as a manicure, which meant that I had a general idea of what was going to happen next.

I dipped my toes into the giant bowl of warm, soapy water and we got started. My toenails were trimmed, filed and buffed as expected. Next came the foot filing and I knew Miyuki had her work cut out for her. Filing down my calluses wasn’t on my super low-maintenance foot-care regimen, and I immediately thought, ‘This is it. I’m going to kick her in the face.’ Thankfully, that didn’t happen but I did, however, laugh a lot and so did Miyuki. We both got a good kick (*wink*) out of that.

For the polish, I went with CND Shellac in Masquerade, a deep rich red, to keep things festive for the holiday season.


CND Shellac in Masquerage, $13,

Pleasant Surprises

What I did not expect was the foot massage after the polish was dry, another first for me in terms of receiving a professional massage in general. I’ve obviously been missing out because it was so relaxing and much needed after a particularly long day. I thought I had reached peak foot relaxation but it wasn’t over yet.

The cherry on top was the paraffin treatment (which I misunderstood as pear muffin because I was super hungry), a petroleum-based wax and mineral oil that helps soothe aching joints, improve circulation and soften rough skin in only 15 minutes. I was kind of hoping for an actual muffin but what I ended up getting was so much better. My once callused feet were incredibly soft and beautiful, something I never thought I would say.

Final Thoughts

The moment I put my shoes back on, I wobbled a little as I walked—I genuinely felt like I had left the nail salon with new feet. My expectations were exceeded and the wonderful conversation and laughs I shared with Miyuki made the whole experience that much better.

My mom would be proud, considering she’s been hassling me for years to get a pedicure, and I’m finally glad I caved. My feet have never looked better, and I’m looking forward to confidently dipping my toes back into that warm, soapy water.



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My first pedicure