The 12 best eyeliners for every budget

The 12 best eyeliners for every budget

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The 12 best eyeliners for every budget

1. Maybelline New York Unstoppable Eyeliner (551-Onyx), $7.79

Tester says: "I find it difficult to find an eyeliner that doesn’t smudge. For years, I’ve been using a Chanel eyeliner but I’m glad to have found a cheaper alternative. This no-need-to-sharpen pencil, unlike many I’ve tried, lasts reasonably well, but its best feature is that it doesn’t smudge. It applied easily and smoothly, creating a soft line, nothing too harsh. I’d definitely buy it fact, I intend to!"

Available at drugstores
2. Marcelle Powder Eyeliner (Indigo), $9.95

Tester says: "I found this pencil softer and easier to use than a normal pencil, and it lasted all day. The colour is very good for me -- black is a little too strong and brown just doesn't do anything for my eyes, but this is flattering. I haven't used eyeliner for some time, but I like this one so much I will continue to use it and I will buy it again – the ease of application would be the determining factor."

Available at drugstores

3. Cargo Eye Pencil (Brown), $14

Tester says: "I've always liked Cargo products – especially their tin lip glosses! – so I was eager to test out the liner. It has nice packaging and the formulation goes on my eyes really easily. Liner is hands-down my must-have product so I've tried a million and a half different brands. I've always been partial to liquid liners because they last longer and the effect is a bit more dramatic, but this Cargo liner is really saturated in colour and it complements my brown eyes nicely."

Available at select retailers (visit and at

4. Revlon Luxurious Color Eyeliner (Brushed Pewter), $10.95

Tester says: "This liner is very easy to apply and it's great for smudging a harsh line into a softer one. It's easy to maneouvre the pencil and the colour glides on smoothly. One end of the pencil has a sponge tip that makes smudging a breeze. I like that the sponge has its own cap to keep it clean while it's in your makeup bag."

Available at drugstores

5. Chanel La Ligne de Chanel Professional Eyeliner (Noire et Marine), $57

Tester says: "This liner is in compact form – two eyeshadow-like palettes with a brush that you wet in water. Using it is like painting with watercolours. I love that it has two colour options, and the blue is perfect – it's not too bright. It is very easy to apply, although it takes a bit more time than a pencil. Its staying power is phenomenal – it never budged and barely faded. I would definitely buy this in place of any liquid liner."

Available at Chanel beauty counters across Canada;

6. L'Oréal Paris Carbon Black Lineur Intense Liquid Eyeliner Felt Tip (Carbon Black), $10.95

Tester says: "This is an intensely black liquid eyeliner with a long, spongy wand. It's very easy to apply, especially if you're used to liquid eyeliner, and it stays on for hours. I usually prefer brown eyeliner, but this works well when you want a really dramatic effect, with very dark, crisp lines. I wouldn't use it every day, but it's nice to have in my makeup bag for special occasions."

Available at drugstores

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7. Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Eye Definer (261 Noir), $6.49

Tester says: "This liner's texture is good, and it's easy to apply. The applicator is the no-need-to-sharpen type, which I like, as I find it hard to get a perfect point with pencil-style liners. This one has an added feature, as well – a sharpener on the end that makes the tip perfectly shaped after being flattened by use."

Available at drugstores

8. Dr. Hauschka Kajal Eyeliner (Grey), $20.95

Tester says: "I love this pencil. It glides on smoothly without any tugging, and it's a little creamy, which makes it so much easier for smudging. It has a regular pencil tip that I found easy to sharpen – it came out very clean, and didn't break. The dark grey colour is a nice, more dramatic change from my usual chocolate brown, perfect for anyone who (like me) finds black too harsh."

Available at select stores; visit for retailers
9. Guerlain Divinora Eye-Liner (Bleu Nuit 02)

Tester says: "I usually avoid liquid eyeliners because I'm a klutz, but this superskinny brush is so fine and feathery that it's easy to look glam without needing too much skill. It has great staying power, and even stays put (with only minor flaking) after an hour at the gym. I love that it's fragrance-free and doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes. This is such a classy-looking product that it brings me joy every time I open my makeup bag. I won't wear it often but I love just owning it, and it's definitely the best liquid applicator I have ever used – worth the money!"

Available at department stores and Guerlain boutiques across Canada
10. Origins Automagically Eye Lining Pencil, $18

Tester says: "This is the best eyeliner I have ever used. Until I tried it, I didn't really wear eyeliner because I always found it difficult to apply. No more! It goes on like butter and lasts well. I just made note of my local Origins counter so I can restock right away when this one runs out."

Available at select The Bay locations and

11. Maybelline Expert Eyes Khôl Eye-Liner Pencil, $3.99

Tester says: "I really like this liner! Even fresh out of the package, the tip of the pencil wasn't sharp, and it was nice and soft on my eyes, especially compared to other inexpensive products. I like that it glides with just the right amount of resistance, so your hand doesn't have to be too steady – in other words, you can put it on before you've had that first cup of coffee. I would definitely buy it."

Available at drugstores
12. Ecriture de Chanel Automatic Liquid Eyeliner (Black)

Tester says: "This liquid liner went on easy and smooth with a thin, straight line, dried fast and didn't run. It lasted all day until I removed it at night. This is now my favourite eyeliner – it's the best I've ever used."

Available at Chanel beauty counters across Canada;

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The 12 best eyeliners for every budget