The beauty trends we'll be embracing in 2019

The beauty trends we'll be embracing in 2019


The beauty trends we'll be embracing in 2019

We asked industry insiders about the skin-care, makeup, nails and hair trends that will be huge next year.

Did you know that 80 per cent of New Year's resolutions fail by February? It's true—science says so. Taking that statistic into consideration, instead of setting a resolution for 2019 that'll only put pressure on you, causing you to (probably) abandon it in a month—who among us knows what "be more mindful" means anyway?—we suggest going a much easier and much more fun route. Before January 1st hits, we encourage you to resolve to try new beauty trends next year. Yup, that's it. Sounds easy enough, right? It is! 

To make it even easier, we reached out to some of the beauty industry's most in-the-know experts to get their take on what trends will be huge in 2019, from hair to skin, makeup to nails. And they should know—they're working behind-the-scenes at the biggest fashion shows around the world, and literally creating the trends that we'll all be wearing next year. How's that for scientific accuracy?



"I love a really blunt cut but I wish people would go even shorter," says Jen Atkin, founder of Mane Addicts and OUAI Haircare, and hairstylist to the stars, like the Kardashians, Bella Hadid and Chrissy Teigen. "I would love to see more pixie cuts, which is very French, or [haircuts] right above the chin, like Drew Barrymore's or Gwyneth Paltrow's in the ‘90s. And I also love the hair on Friends—when I watch the show now I'm like, ‘The hair was so good!'"



Makeup artist Simone Otis, who did the makeup backstage at some of the biggest shows of Paris Fashion Week last season, predicts "there will be a much-needed greener approach to wipes, cotton balls and cotton pads. I believe a lot more mainstream companies will develop and launch their versions of washable and reusable makeup removers. A win-win for all!"



"In 2019, I predict we'll see the return of nail appliques in everyday [life]," says Rita Remark, celebrity manicurist and Essie Global Lead Educator. "Nail jewels and studs won't be limited to Instagram or the red carpet anymore. Rather, they'll be arranged on nails to mirror current jewellery trends." Jewellery on every finger? Sign us up!



"The ‘glass skin' look from the K-Beauty world will be everywhere," predicts Otis. "By that I mean that many skin care and makeup companies will be offering products that give you that dramatic effect of skin that appears poreless, translucent and illuminated." How can you say no to that?



"We're going to see a lot of muted tones when it comes to hair colour," says Jason Lee, owner of Jason Lee Salon in Toronto and colourist at Serge Normant at John Frieda in New York. "Blondes will be toned down (think Gigi Hadid) and [we'll see] brunettes in cooler tones."



On the makeup front, Otis predicts that "graphic black or white eyeliner in either an extreme cat eye or graphic disconnected lines" will be a major trend. It's all about self-expression, she insists. Think: Kendall Jenner's People's Choice Awards makeup, courtesy of Mary Phillips. 

From products that give us the illusion of perfect skin to makeup wipes that are better for the environment, 2019's biggest beauty trends will be hard to resist. Now that you've been prepped with tips from the industry's biggest names, you're ready to enjoy your most stress-free New Year's "resolution" ever. 



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The beauty trends we'll be embracing in 2019