Tips for beautiful eyes

Tips for beautiful eyes

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Tips for beautiful eyes

Want to really stand out? Well-applied eye makeup will enhance your eyes and make them pop. Read on for eye makeup tips and ideas, plus recommendations for products to try.

8 steps to perfect smoky eye makeup
Get expert advice on how to apply eye shadow and eyeliner for a sexy look.

The 5 makeup brushes you really need, plus application tips
Makeup brushes 101: You don't have to buy tons of expensive makeup brushes to apply your favourite cosmetics. All you really need are these five.

Eye makeup testing: Mascara
Our staffers gave these 17 mascaras a real-world lash test.

Eye makeup testing: Eye shadow
Overwhelmed at the drugstore or cosmetics counter? We rounded up the best eye shadows on the market from top brands like Chanel, M.A.C, Maybelline and Revlon, and had them tested by real women. Here's what they had to say.

Eye makeup testing: 12 top eyeliners
Check out our picks for some of the best liners on the market, field-tested by real women.

Intensify your eye colour
Make your eyes shine bright with the right choices in eye makeup colours, whether your eyes are brown, blue, green or hazel.

3 ways to get bigger eyelashes
Enhance the look of your eyes by thickening your lashes with cosmetic or non-cosmetic options.

Clean up your eyebrows
5 ways to remove excess facial hair.

The best products for perfect eyebrows
A roundup of brow-grooming tools for every budget.


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Tips for beautiful eyes