Top 10 rules for wearing lipstick

Top 10 rules for wearing lipstick

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Top 10 rules for wearing lipstick

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1. It works for any occasion.
Whether you're running errands, working or hosting a dinner party for friends, wearing lipstick is an easy way to look polished and pulled together in mere minutes. A great lip colour sets the tone for the rest of your look.

2. It's classic: What you're looking for is "like the shade your mother or grandmother used to wear in the '50s," says Cheryl Gushue, a makeup artist in Toronto. By pairing the colour with your current wardrobe, you're blending old with new, and in turn looking current without looking like you're trying too hard. We love red lips paired with a striped T-shirt and dark jeans.

3. It's glamour and confidence in one creamy bullet – no risqué clothing required. "Wearing lipstick really draws attention to the mouth," says Gushue. "It almost makes what you say sound more intriguing. It makes a point visually."

4. If red isn't your thing, try a deep rose, sheer plum or bright raspberry for a similarly attention-getting mouth. Bonus points if you're keen on sampling a matte fuchsia or coral lipstick – two extremely strong shades that will be popular come spring.

5. It's easy to do. A lipstick only looks as good as its application, so take time when you're applying it. Gushue suggests patting foundation directly onto your lips first to ensure you get the exact colour in the tube. "Sometimes our natural pink tone tends to change the lipstick colour."

6. Those with mature skin should seek out a lip liner, says Gushue. "If you have wrinkles around your lip line, it's the only way to create a clean edge that will last," she says. For a long-lasting look, Gushue suggests applying the liner all over your lips before applying lipstick. "It's a great trick – I always use it for brides."

7. If you have fuller lips, try a natural toned lip colour, or experiment with darker hues. If your lips are on the smaller side, lighter shades will make them look larger. Shades with shimmer or glossy finishes tend to add a plump look, says Gushue.

8. You've heard it before
: If you're going bolder on one area, downplay the rest. And, despite the '80s revivals seen recently on runways, Gushue cautions against adding too much. "The idea is that the lips are a statement look. That means take it easy on the eyes. Go for liner, lots of mascara and no eye shadow."

9. For a truly modern look, try a matte (or semimatte) lipstick. While matte formulas used to take their fair share of heat for sapping moisture, most current versions are kinder to lips.

10. Look for long-wear formula or lip stains if the idea of constantly applying lipstick gets you down.

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Top 10 rules for wearing lipstick