Top 3 hair trends for fall 2011

Top 3 hair trends for fall 2011

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Top 3 hair trends for fall 2011

There's something about fall that revs us up. Maybe we never really lose that back-to-school excitement, even long after our school days are behind us. There's a buzz in the air as September approaches and it's not just for kids.

While the little ones update their school supplies, us adults get to have a little more fun – updating our look. This fall, why not get ready to start the season with a new haircut that's on-trend and will give you a bit of a lift?

Dee Dagher, a beauty hair expert with Rowenta Beauty shares the inside scoop on fall's hottest hair trends.

Fall's hottest cut

If you're tired of excessive blow-drying, straightening and styling, you'll be thrilled to know the hottest cut for fall 2011 is a long, natural, layered cut. "Use long layers in the back and shorter layers in the front to frame your face," says Dagher. To make this style look its best, Dagher says to embrace your hair’s natural texture, especially if it has a natural curl or wave. "This cut is ideal because it works for all different types of hair textures."

Fall's hottest colour
"The hottest colour trend for fall is most certainly ombré," says Dagher. Ombré refers to the colouring technique that starts with a dark root colour and gradually lightens towards the ends.

Many Hollywood starlets are wearing the look and while you might think they need a colour touch-up on their roots, the look is actually deliberate. Wondering how to get the look yourself? It's not as difficult as you might think since it requires almost zero maintenance.

"It's actually the case that the more your natural colour grows out, the better the effect of the ombré," says Dagher.

Fall's hottest styling trend for long hair

"The hottest styling trend for fall is big, loose, bohemian-inspired waves," Dagher says. To get the look, you'll need a large-barrel curling iron. "Take fairly large sections and wrap the hair around the iron, while twisting the hair at the same time," she advises.

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"Be sure to leave the tail end of the hair out, as to not curl the end. The look is intended to be a wave not a curl, so you want the ends to lay a little straighter."

Fall's hottest styling trend for short hair

If you've got short hair, this is the season to embrace your natural texture. "Women with short, curly or wavy hair were often reluctant to wear their hair in its natural texture, but this season, it's hot!" says Dagher.

How to get the look? Use a texturizing spray when your hair is wet, scrunch it into your hair and allow the hair to dry naturally. Dagher also recommends mixing water and sea salt together in a spray bottle for an easy homemade alternative. This creates the same 'beach wave' that you get at seaside.

"What I love about this season is that there are so many hair trends, all of which are very easy for women to create on their own at home. Some of my favourites are the topknot buns and the loose side braids," says Dagher.

5 dos and don'ts for fall's best hair styles

Dagher dishes up these five tips to help your hair look its most stylish this season:

1. Don't overstyle your hair.
2. Do embrace your natural texture.
3. Don't wear your hair pin-straight; allow some bounce and movement
3. Do embrace ombré hair colour this season.
4. Do wear hair accessories, such as '70s-inspired headbands. They're hot fashion statements this fall.

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Top 3 hair trends for fall 2011