Top 5 beauty trends for fall

Top 5 beauty trends for fall

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Top 5 beauty trends for fall

With the absence of heat and humidity (and their uncanny ability to ruin your makeup), you can finally introduce a few new steps into your beauty regimen without fear of your mascara melting off. After all, a new season calls for a fresh start.

To shed some light on the latest looks that will give you that fall refresh, we spoke with Shawna Guiterrez, an esthetician and social media coordinator at Spa Boutique. She shares some insight into what to add to your makeup bag this fall and how to make the season's top trends work for you.

1. Tangerine tones
Tangerine made a splash in the spring and summer and, according to Guiterrez, it's here to stay as one of the must-try lip colours of the season.

"We can take our tangerine shade a bit deeper for fall," she says. "Just be sure to choose the right tone for your skin." Fair skinned? Opt for a reddish or pink-tinged orange. Darker skin? You can get away with a bolder shade.

Those who think tangerine lips seem like too much of a departure from their everyday makeup can wear the bright hue elsewhere. "If the tangerine lip is too daunting for you, go for a tangerine nail instead," Guiterrez suggests. "Or add a bit of tangerine shadow to your smoky eye." But no matter where you wear it, tangerine is here to stay through the cooler weather.

2. Liner-heavy eyes
The '60s are big in both fashion and beauty this season, and one of the decade's styles that is re-entering the spotlight is dramatic eyes. "I'm seeing a trend in heavy black liquid liner," reveals Guiterrez. "It's very retro and it looks great with big-volume hairstyles." Luckily, the bouffant – that classic '60s do – is also back in a big way, as seen on fall runways of designers such as Rodarte and Oscar de la Renta.

There's no limit to drama this season, so if you're willing to make eyes a little darker, Guiterrez recommends creating the smoky look. "There's room for the smoky eye this fall, and you can make it as dramatic or understated as you want," she says. "Just remember that, if you have a dramatic lip, keep the eye more natural, and vice versa."

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3. Matte finishes
While a dewy complexion was a spring and summer must, autumn calls for a flatter matte finish. "Going into fall, we're going to see more matte faces," says Guiterrez. After applying foundation and powder, use a matte blush on the apples of your cheeks to create a retro glam look, she suggests. The key is to avoid glow and shimmer in your makeup.

And keep that matte-finished skin looking its best with a healthy skin-care routine. "We really need to keep in mind that, in the fall and winter, our skin tends to get more dehydrated. Remember to keep skin well hydrated," advises Guiterrez. To avert dryness, use an SPF-infused moisturizer every morning and a night cream after you wash your face before bed.

4. Neutrals and rust tones
According to Guiterrez, neutrals and rust tones (such as bronze and toned-down tangerine) will balance summer's brights and neons. "Going into fall, the colours change with the season," she says. "We're definitely seeing more earthy tones and darker colours." To add autumn-inspired hues to your beauty routine, adopt a dark brown smoky eye and a berry lip gloss. Or, if you're trying to keep your look more natural, choose a dusty rose eye shadow and a nude lipstick.

5. Nail art
Those 3D designs and eye-popping colours won't fade with the summer sun. Nail art is going to play a big role in beauty this fall. "The accent nail is really in right now," says Guiterrez. "Embellish your ring-finger nails with a different shade of polish, some nail art or a glittery top coat. Also, the ombré look – two tones – is really catching on," she adds.

If you're a little intimidated by glitter or rhinestones, simply choose a darker shade for your entire manicure, or create a more subtle accent nail by selecting a shade for your ring finger that doesn't differ too dramatically. "The autumn nail colours are going to be more toned down," Guiterrez adds. "But it's a great time to choose darker shades such as teal, purple and gold, which are really in for fall. And you can never go wrong with an amazing red."

The change of season is the perfect excuse to breathe new life into your beauty regimen. Start fall 2012 off right with these five makeup trends that you can work into your look to freshen things up.

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Top 5 beauty trends for fall