We Tried It: Seed To Skin Body Treatment

We Tried It: Seed To Skin Body Treatment

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We Tried It: Seed To Skin Body Treatment

Real talk, body treatments can be incredibly relaxing or a wee bit awkward. We went to Toronto’s Hammam Spa to try out their newest body treatment, Seed to Skin, which uses 100 per cent Canadian ingredients. 

A great time of year to get a body treatment is during the spring season to help get your skin prepped for shorter hemlines. Not really sure what we mean by body treatment? Well, it’s a blanket term for a whole array of different holistic treatments (wraps, scrubs, faux tan applications) aimed at helping you feel relaxed while leaving your skin looking and feeling its best. 

Located in Toronto's trendy King Street West neighbourhood The Hammam Spa is like a mini urban sanctuary. They’re known for offering modern treatments inspired by ancient rituals and they’re famous for the Hammam steam room. 


Hammam at Toronto's Hammam Spa

The Treatment

I tried the Céla Seed to Skin Ritual. Céla is a brand new body-focused skin-care line created by Hammam Spa owner, Celine Tadrissi. This in-house skin-care collection uses ingredients that are all naturally sourced which celebrates the best of what Canada has to offer. 

The treatment started off with a quick steam in the Hammam to warm up my body. Next, I was brought into a beautiful private candlelit room where I changed into everyone's favourite paper undies (please read this as sarcastic) and lay on a heated marble table. I got to choose between two Céla scrubs, one that  smelled of coffee (Black Gold Scrub: provides a coarse exfoliation with its grains of coffee and sugar, and the invigorating coffee oil awakens the skin) and the other that was more earthy-meets-citrus (The Natural Grain Scrub: provides a gentle and effective exfoliation with finely milled cupuaçu seeds, and the essential oils of orange, cedarwood and patchouli to uplift and balance the senses)—I chose the latter. 

Next warm water and fragrant rose suds were poured all over my body from head-to-toe. The way they were applied can only be described as an artful and synchronized way. It felt like someone was giving me the most luxurious bubble bath, ever. Once rinsed, my aesthetician applied the Céla natural grain scrub to my body. 

I was then directed to a shower to rinse off the remaining scrub and was handed a Moroccan Kessa Mitt to help with the job. The texturized glove is suitable on all skin types and helps rid skin of ingrown hairs and dead skin cells.

The final process was massaging lotion into my skin which ended with my favourite part—a head neck and shoulder massage. 

The results

I have eczema and though I wouldn’t categorize myself as having sensitive skin I do have reactive skin, so scrubs can sometimes cause a flare-up. Immediately post treatment my skin felt smoothed without feeling irritated or stripped. It was highly moisturized and I smelled so good. I didn’t just think so, three random people I encountered on my way home even commented to me how good I smelled. My skin stayed super smooth and soft for a few days post-treatment.

The Cost

Céla Seed to Skin Ritual, $155 for 60 minutes available as of July 1, 2018 at Hammam Spa.


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We Tried It: Seed To Skin Body Treatment