5 fun ways to change up your late-summer style

5 fun ways to change up your late-summer style

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5 fun ways to change up your late-summer style

By mid-August, many of us start dreaming of sweaters, blazers and boots. No, we don't wish summer was over, but we do start to get slightly sick of sandals and sundresses. Before you start wishing away the last days of such a short season, give your wardrobe a boost with some simple yet stylish modifications.

We asked stylist Julia Seidl for her tips on how to avoid a midseason style rut and keep your look fresh through the end of summer. She shares five ways to shake things up and have more fun with what you wear while it's still warm out.

1. Trade in your heels for a pair of evening flats
While heels can go a long way to kick your look up a notch, if they've been your number one choice so far this season, why not mix it up? "Hot summer nights usually call for a hot pair of heels. But instead of stepping out in sky-high shoes, try on a pair of embellished or jewelled flats," advises Seidl. "They can dress up an outfit just as much as a pair of heels, and your feet will thank you." Plus, if you purchase a pair of flats now, you can wear them well into fall when you bring out your tights.

2. Go for white on white
Crisp white is always a summer staple, and you may have already been wearing it this season, but instead of opting for just one piece in white, double up. "Pair white with white for a monochromatic look," says Seidl. The result is versatile, and both office-friendly and beach-ready. "Add metallic accessories and a bronzed glow to complete the look," she advises. Look for white linen trousers, sleeveless blouses, fitted T-shirts and maxi skirts, then mix and match until you find the white-on-white look that works for you.

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3. Add a wide-brimmed straw hat to your rotation
Hats are must-have summer accessories for many. They add interest to even casual outfits and do a great job of hiding humidity-induced frizz. But it's understandable that you might be bored of your go-to topper by now.

"Give your straw fedora a rest and opt for a wide-brimmed straw hat instead," suggests Seidl. "Look for one in a fun, bright colour to match your bikini. And a ribbon around the base of the hat is a must," she adds.

Wide-brimmed hats have the benefit of being more elegant than most summer hats, and they can even work when you're not at the beach. (Think Sunday brunch or afternoon backyard parties.)

4. Try a sleeveless blazer
Dressing for work in the summer heat can often be a nightmare. Even if your workplace is air conditioned to the point of needing a parka, getting there often involves braving the heat -- whether you travel by transit or just have to go from the parking lot to the front door.

"If your office dress code allows, give a sleeveless blazer a try," says Seidl. "Sleeveless blazers have been spotted on actresses Shailene Woodley and Diane Kruger, and in Lanvin's spring/summer 2012 runway collection. They're a great way to stay professional while dressing for the weather." Try wearing one over a fitted T-shirt with cropped pastel jeans, or with a sleeveless dress to add some edge to your everyday look.

5. Swap statement jewelry
Switch up your statement necklace for a pair of statement earrings to spice up your summer look. "Shoulder-duster earrings were spring's most-talked-about accessory trend," Seidl says. "Just look at Marni, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana's runways." Not sure where to shop? "Head to a vintage store to search for costume earrings that are large and in charge," she advises. Stores like H&M and Zara also offer a multitude of statement earrings at affordable prices.

Wearing the same collection of summer staples can get old – no matter how much you loved them at the start of the season. Fall will be here before you know it but, in the meantime, inject new energy into your hot-weather wardrobe with some creativity and a few simple additions.

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5 fun ways to change up your late-summer style