5 minutes with designer Zac Posen

5 minutes with designer Zac Posen

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5 minutes with designer Zac Posen

Since Zac Posen arrived on the scene in 2001 with his namesake collection, the fashion darling has garnered major buzz and caught the attention of young Hollywood starlets. Known for his red-carpet gowns, tailoring and dramatic details, a villa in Lake Como, Italy, seemed like a fitting place to catch up with the newly minted Brooks Brothers creative director.

Julia McEwen: What is the legacy you want to achieve with your work?

Zac Posen: "I want to create a timelessness. That's key. For that moment, create a moment for the person, a memory. I think that's the most you can wish for. You can hope dresses get a woman everything she's ever wanted. Whether its marriage, a date, sex, ruling the world— you want to know you've given somebody the confidence or the possibility to want something."

What's your process with makeup artists as you prepare for an upcoming show?

ZP: "I'm naturally a collaborative person, but when I first started, I was so detail oriented that I would have drawings for each makeup, each hair and a two-page script for every model. Now I think we're in a more artistic expression moment. I have a great collaboration with Kabuki for M.A.C whom I work with and completely trust."

JM: What's your favourite part about being a judge on Project Runway?

ZP: "Being able to spot talent. That's what's exciting about it. And the other parts of being on TV take one's public image and persona to a whole new level. I had to move from Soho, N.Y., because it was crazy. You lose privacy, and the paparazzi take photos of you everywhere—that comes with it."

JM: What's your take on the fashion industry often favouring a single model of beauty?

ZP: "I think that every woman should feel beautiful. We should just feel beautiful about the fact that we're existing, walking. It's even about having mutual respect for our planet. You have to enjoy it. It's fast."

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This story was originally titled "Five Minutes With Zac Posen" in the November 2014 issue.

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5 minutes with designer Zac Posen