6 winter fashion faux pas that are easy to avoid

6 winter fashion faux pas that are easy to avoid

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6 winter fashion faux pas that are easy to avoid

At a recent fashion event for Toronto’s Eaton Centre, celebrity stylist Elizabeth Cabral dished her fashion tips while riding a streetcar that had been transformed into a mobile closet. She presented stores such as Thomas Sabo, Rudsak, Gerry Weber and SHOO by Steve Madden and shared her fave runway trends that have trickled down to retail shops this season: florals, mix-and-match prints, knits, classic Canadian tuques and fur.

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Cabral believes we live in a time where fashion is about cultivating your own personal style instead of being dictated entirely by trends. However, she gave us a few guidelines for women hoping to achieve a striking and stylish appearance.

1. Lack of confidence
Unfortunately, it’s common for women to dress in clothes that don’t make them feel confident and beautiful. Cabral recommends working on your self-confidence to sell anyone on your outfit, even if it’s crazy and vibrant. “As long as you walk with confidence and you feel amazing in it, people are going to be convinced,” says Cabral.

2. Staying in your comfort zone
After years of shopping, it becomes easy to purchase old standbys and forget about other fashion possibilities. Cabral suggests exploring new styles when you’re shopping this season to see what you like best, since fashion is constantly changing. “The key is to try a lot of things on, because that’s the only way that you’re going to know what looks good on you,” she says.

3. Too much bulk
There’s no reason that warm clothing has to look bulky. To avoid looking like the Michelin Man, start by choosing outfits that fit your body type. “Look for items that are streamlined and proportioned to your body,” Cabral says. She also recommends purchasing outerwear that has advanced fabrications and fillings. It should be warm but also lightweight.

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4. Summery shoes
Invest in comfortable winter boots and avoid strappy, summery sandals this winter because there’s almost nothing worse than slipping on ice in the wrong pair of shoes. “I’m all about looking fabulous and fashionable, but don’t become a victim,” says Cabral. “A great pair of boots with a sturdy tread and a chunky heel will go from day to night and get you from A to B without having any accidents.”

5. Too many accessories

Though accessories are time- and seasonless, don’t overdo it with the extras. In the winter, you’re already wearing plenty of layers on your body, so the last thing you need is too much jewellery weighing you down. Cabral suggests picking one statement piece for your outfit, such as large earrings or a cocktail ring. “Sometimes less is just enough. You don’t need to go overboard,” she says.

6. Following every rule

Runway and store trends offer great fashion guidelines, but women commonly get caught up in all the rules and forget to enjoy what they wear. Don’t feel that you need to follow every rule in the book. “The biggest mistake is trying to follow too many rules,” says Cabral. Pick a few rules that make sense and work for you, then throw the rest out the window.

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6 winter fashion faux pas that are easy to avoid