7 hottest style trends for spring

7 hottest style trends for spring

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7 hottest style trends for spring

New trends make springtime exciting, and since bright colours and bold prints outweigh rigid, neutral basics this season, there's a lot of room to play with fresh looks as we head into warmer weather.

To help us sift through spring's top trends, stylist Erin Stanley of Judy Inc. shares her favourite looks and offers tips on how to incorporate them into your wardrobe. Warm weather can't come soon enough.

1. Pastels
To add femininity to your wardrobe this spring, Stanley suggests donning pastels. "There is a lot happening with pastels and sorbet colours like melon and raspberry this season. There's lots of candy-sweet feminine colour, like French macarons," she says. While a sheer pastel button-up blouse can create a preppy, soft look, you can also incorporate pastels unconventionally. "Try neat, fun socks paired with colourful heels," the stylist suggests. "It is a riskier look, so wear it with pants."

2. Knee-length pencil skirts
Creating a defined figure is crucial this spring, so Stanley recommends wearing a pencil skirt. "It creates a beautiful silhouette for so many different figures and it shows off a woman's curves," she explains. "You don't need a whole new wardrobe, just those basic staples that give you that extra oomph." To update your pencil skirt for spring, pair it with a pastel tank top or fitted T-shirt layered underneath a cardigan or denim jacket.

3. Sheer fabrics
Another spring trend poised for popularity is sheer fabric. The easiest way to incorporate it into your wardrobe is to wear sheer blouses, Stanley says. "A soft, chiffon button-up looks beautiful with a pair of shorts. Soft fabric against that harder structure creates a great mix between feminine and preppy."

To carry it off, she suggests wearing your blouse tucked into a pair of dress shorts and topping it off with a blazer. If you're worried about being office appropriate, wear a camisole underneath, and add a skinny belt to finish the look.

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4. Printed blazers
If you're going to add one "it item" to your closet this spring, Stanley suggests it be a bold, printed blazer. "You should have a blazer for every season, so get a summer blazer with a pop of colour or with a great pattern," she says. "You can wear it preppy or casual and with a dress or jeans." This year's blazers vary from last spring's, so instead of basic neutrals, opt for bright colours that you can pair with pastels or richer tones. "Patterns are more the focus this season. Think floral or tropical, like a bird of paradise."

5. The 1920s
Every season designers seem to become enchanted with a different decade. This spring, the 1920s will be making a comeback. "I've seen this everywhere," says Stanley of the return of the Jazz Age. "The jewelry is very Art Deco and with The Great Gatsby coming out, you're going to see dropped-waist dresses and beading."

To embrace the 1920s revival, start with a beaded headband or a heavy necklace that you can wear with a simple, solid-colour shirt. For formal events, don a flapper-style cocktail dress or ankle-length silk gown and pair it with a boa if you're feeling adventurous.

6. Loafers
Menswear is returning this season -- thanks to loafers making their way into the style spotlight. They offer a simple way to embrace a preppy, more masculine look. "Men's loafers that look like slippers create a different look than the ballet flat," explains Stanley. "A lot of dresses are also going a bit preppy."

To work loafers into your wardrobe, pair them with an above-the-knee A-line skirt for a flirty, playful feel, or wear them with dress shorts for an office ensemble. You can also wear loafers with pleated trousers and a basic button-up for a prep school tribute.

7. Layering
"Spring is all about layering," says Stanley. "Layer pieces on top of one another and don't be concerned with rules. Let go and have fun with it." To avoid a bulky, shapeless look, wear bright jackets or blazers overtop of shirts or camisoles in softer tones. If you're more inclined to try a bolder look, pair printed tights with a crisp white dress, and top the look off with a cardigan in an eye-catching hue.

By picking up these few basic pieces, you can easily update your wardrobe for spring without having to overhaul your entire closet. The key is to find pieces that work for you and allow them to put a fresh spin on what you already own.

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7 hottest style trends for spring