7 winter pieces to keep in your closet this spring

7 winter pieces to keep in your closet this spring

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7 winter pieces to keep in your closet this spring

The transition from winter to spring is always welcome -- yet often costly. This year, instead of picking out a whole new wardrobe, try incorporating some of last season's favourites into your spring 2012 style.

To learn more about how to make the most of your money, we asked Alicia Simpson, a fashion stylist with Plutino Group, to share her tips on which winter pieces you should hold onto as the weather warms up. Despite the difference of seasons, spring still has a place for several of your winter staples.

Winter clothes to keep in your closet this spring:

1. Coats
Heavy jackets and coats are still wearable in the spring, especially during cool evenings. "Pair them with a summery dress worn underneath," says Simpson. "And depending how far into spring you are, wear wedges or little booties with bare legs to further alter the look for a new season."

Lighter pieces like trench coats and denim jackets may offer more longevity than your tried-and-true parka, but don't rule out fur. "If it's a short, cropped fur jacket in a lighter colour, you can mix it in," Simpson advises. "But stay away from trying to wear a heavy, black fur coat, which is too much for spring."

2. Blazers and cardigans
Since the 1920s are a huge influence this season, Simpson suggests pairing cold-weather blazers and cardigans with prohibition-era pieces.

"Put a beaded dress underneath a blazer or cashmere cardigan," she advises. "That loose fit is a little bit flapper inspired and it's easy to wear for a lot of different body types."

You can also pair winter's blazers with spring's pleated skirts to maintain the jazz-age esthetic. The same goes for spring's feathered pieces, although Simpson stresses the importance of sticking to light-hue looks. "It's not an easy-to-wear trend, but a feathered skirt in a light colour can work for spring with bare legs and a simple camisole."

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5 more winter clothes to keep in your closet this spring:

3. Lace
Black lace dominated many winter collections, and Simpson says the fabric is still important this season.

"There's a lot of lace for spring," she explains. "It was just worn heavier in the winter and under layers. But now you can wear it with a bright-colour skirt. And obviously white lace is more popular for spring."

With that in mind, try pairing a white lace tank top with pastel denim or a sorbet-tone pencil skirt to keep your look fresh, bright and appropriate for spring.

4. White
Cool, crisp white was trendy this winter, and you can feel good about holding onto other pale-colour items despite the colour shift between seasons.

"Pastels are huge for spring," says Simpson. "An easy way to transition would be to pair a winter-white sweater with pastel ankle-length pants to uphold the pastel trend that way."

Pieces such as white button-up blouses, white blazers and white denim jackets also offer the opportunity to get more wear out of last season's colour palette without having to buy a whole new wardrobe.

5. Boots
Last season's boots can be worn with almost anything this spring. "A lot of boots can be carried into spring," says Simpson. "Wear them with a dress, a jean jacket and bare legs. But I wouldn't carry over your over-the-knee boots – they're too heavy."

As for colours, Simpson advises against boots in dark shades. "There were a lot of light tan, suede wedge boots that were big for fall," she says. "Those are easy for spring because they're a nice, light colour and feel fresh for a new season."

6. Pants
Considering they're wardrobe staples, you can always take winter pants into spring, assures Simpson. "You just need to introduce one of the trends of the season as a top," she explains. "Try either a pastel or a pattern in a light colour. That way you're still going to seem current."

To help keep your pants appropriate for spring, you can also favour pleated, wide-legged styles to get that 1920s tomboy look seen on several spring 2012 runways.

7. Scarves
Winter may be over, but scarves aren't going anywhere. "Scarves are becoming more and more popular for spring and even summer," says Simpson. "So if you invested in a scarf for winter, you don't have to put it away. Wear it with a spring dress and it's still appropriate."

You can also use a lighter-weight scarf to dress up an everyday outfit. When paired with jeans and a tank top or T-shirt, a simple scarf will give your spring outfit a much-needed boost.

Rather than overhauling your closet as the weather warms up, use what you already have to update your outfits for a new season. By following these guidelines you can take your favourite winter pieces into spring with just a few wardrobe adjustments.

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7 winter pieces to keep in your closet this spring