Addition Elle and Jordyn Woods team up again for an athleisure collection

Addition Elle and Jordyn Woods team up again for an athleisure collection

Addition Elle x Jordyn Woods


Addition Elle and Jordyn Woods team up again for an athleisure collection

The model chatted with us about the state of plus size fashion and what she hopes women feel like in her Addition Elle collection.

Curvy model Jordyn Woods headed to Toronto earlier this week to chat about her second collection for Addition Elle. This one, inspired by '90s street style, is an athleisure collection and features black and white with pops of colour, in shapes that are sporty. We caught up with Jordyn and asked her about her views on the plus size modeling industry, her style icon and what she hopes women get out of her collection.

Have you noticed a change in the way the industry is talking about both plus size models and plus size fashion?

I definitely think that people are starting to take note of it more, and kind of opening the doors to use more curvy girls and diverse girls, but I do think we have a huge way to go to get to where we all feel equality. I know that Ashley Graham is really pushing the boundaries and now she’s walked in a high-fashion show, but that’s just a step and it’s just one person, so I would love to see a lot more of that.

What do you think has to happen to get there?

I think people really have to let go of being scared and let go of any connotations or anything they have against fashion. I think people are mainly scared, because they’ve never done it before and they’re not willing to try something new—

Are you talking specifically about brands here?

Yes, and high fashion is scared to switch it up and scared of the response that they’re going to get, which really I think that they would be surprised that they would probably get a really positive response. But people aren’t willing to take that step yet.

I would love to see more plus size-specific brands. I love that Addition Elle is making their cloths trendy and good quality. What I’ve noticed about a lot of plus size brands is that the quality is not there. And the fit is not there. And at Addition Elle, they really do try to target someone who is interested in trends at a good price point but you’re actually getting what you pay for. I would love to see more brands actually make on-trend clothing for curvy girls as well as high-fashion brands making more size equality choices.

Are there other models, or figures in the industry who you think are really pushing the boundaries in plus size?

I kind of think that any girl out there that is willing to put herself in the position to model and be criticized and not care, is really inspiring. I wouldn’t say there’s one person in particular other than the obvious supermodels who are plus size and killing it, but I do think it’s awesome that many people are trying and are fearless.

Can you tell me a bit about your inspiration for the collection?

It’s really based off of street style, 90s and me. I love that all the pieces are athleisure so you can dress them up or dress them down. Like, I’m wearing the varsity jacket with heels and jeans and I’m more dressed up, but later I can wear it to the airport with sweats. You really can wear it anywhere.

What’s your favourite piece from the collection?

Definitely the varsity jacket, as well as the “love” crewneck—I love the crewneck.

Is there anyone whose style you really admire?

Rihanna—I love that she mixes street wear with high fashion and she just tries everything and somehow it works for her.

What do you hope people get from the collection?

Being comfy. It’s so important to be comfortable, but it doesn’t have to be like loose—it’s really finding something that you love. That creates a level of comfort for me. It’s a huge jacket or a tank top—it’s not about what it is, it’s about how it makes you feel. So I hope people feel happy and comfy and sexy—whatever they want to feel. Your clothing is really a projection of your mood—it’s really just however you want to feel, is how I want you to feel. I hope you feel comfy and cute and awesome.



JW x NOLA T-shirt, $42,



JW x NOLA Varsity Jacket, $158,


JW x NOLA Love Crew Neck, $58,




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Addition Elle and Jordyn Woods team up again for an athleisure collection