Avoiding the worst fashion don'ts

Avoiding the worst fashion don'ts

Author: Canadian Living


Avoiding the worst fashion don'ts

So you’ve committed a fashion crime...or three. Join the club. From flood-ready pants and the dreaded “muffin top” bulge to peek-a-boo lingerie and crinkly, wrinkly clothes, follow these expert tips for correcting common wardrobe blunders and fashion don’ts. You may never look at your closet the same way again.

Fashion don’t: Not-so-subtle lingerie

Do: Good lingerie is invisible lingerie, says Jessica Ungerman, assistant style editor for Canadian Living and Homemakers magazines. To ensure your lingerie goes unnoticed, follow the colour and material rules. “If you’re wearing white pants or a white shirt, always go with nude undergarments,” she says. And when it comes to getting rid of panty lines, go with a thong or seamless underwear. They’re your two best bets.

Fashion don’t: Gaping blouse

Do: Maybe you’ve outgrown your favorite polka dot blouse or perhaps it’s seen one too many rinse cycles. Whatever the case, the buttons are putting in overtime holding everything together. The quick fix: A small piece of double-sided tape placed between each button. It’ll keep gaps closed and prevent any embarrassing peek-a-boo moments.

Fashion don’t: Too-short pants

Do: When it comes to fashion, there are certain things that should never be attempted, and adding length to a pair of too-short pants is one of them. So how do you salvage a flood-ready set? Try shortening them to a capri length, says Ungerman. “It’s the best option for extending the life of pants you don’t want to throw away,” she says.  TIP: How short is too short? Pants are the ideal length when they slightly graze the floor when worn with either flats or heels.

Fashion don’t: Too-long pants

Do: Quite possibly the easiest fix when it comes to wardrobe blunders, all it takes to correct this faux pas is a quick trip to a tailor. Alternatively, you can ask a sales associate before buying your next pair if they offer in-store hemming. Many chains offer this service but many don’t advertise it.

Fashion don’t: An exposed midsection

Do: Blame it on Britney Spears, but it seems low-rise pants aren’t going anywhere fast. To prevent others from getting a view of your midriff – especially in a professional environment – add a tank or close-fitting shirt under your top layer. You’ll stay warmer while adding visual interest to an outfit.

Fashion don’t: Wrinkled clothes

Do: We all know the best defense is a good offense when it comes to most things (ironing included), but modern advances like portable steamers and spray-on wrinkle reducers make last-minute grooming possible. Keep a spray can in your bag and at work for on-the-go emergencies.

Fashion don’t: Not dressing your age

Do: According to Ungerman, the solution is simple. “The general rule: if you remember the trend the first time it came around – like mini dresses from the sixties, for example – you shouldn’t be wearing it when it comes around a second time.”

Fashion don’t: An over-the-pants bulge

Do: Otherwise known as “the muffin top”, this is what happens when pants that are too small create a spillover effect at the waist. Ungerman’s advice: Go one size up. “I know mentally we like to think we are a size smaller than we really are, but when it comes to pants, you always look slimmer when they fit well and don’t create any bulges.”

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Avoiding the worst fashion don'ts