Chatting fall fashion with Ann Taylor's creative director

Best fall fashion tips from Ann Taylor's Austyn Zung

Austyn Zung Author: Julia McEwen


Chatting fall fashion with Ann Taylor's creative director

5 minutes with Austyn Zung, Ann Taylor's Executive Creative Director.

Austyn Zung's design esthetic is best described as cohesive, refined and sleek. The Oscar de la Renta alum favours wearable, feminine clothes roots in elegant American sportswear. Zung first made the leap from couture to high street with a stint at Gap; then, in 2010, she joined Loft as senior vice-president of design. Named executive creative director over all brands at Ann Inc. in 2015, the designer debuts her second collection for the classic womenswear band this fall. Over coffee and eggs, we chatted iwth Zung about her go-to styling tips and what's exciting her this season.

What was your inspiration for Ann Taylor's collection for fall?

We pulled a lot from the '60s. When we pull references from any era—or even a country—it influences us, but it never becomes literal. We have a lot of silhouettes that are sort of trapeze-y, as well as some shorter lengths and sheering in the back to give a bit of shape. We've also got beautiful jacquards and prints in rich fall colours and opulent reds and oranges.

This season, what are you excited to add to your closet?

It's going to have to be two-pieces: I can't get enough of high-waisted wide-legged pants and little sweaters in luxe yarns. I love the proportions together. I think that's going to be my combo for fall.

How about must-have accessories?

I really focused on statement earrings for fall. I love different-coloured crystal stones mixed together and larger low-hanging styles. Accessories are an easy way to dress up or personalize a basic outfit. Your wardrobe doesn't have to change that much, but your accessories can be constantly updated.

Any tips for curating a wardrobe?

Women should fill their closers with great pieces that can be worn for 10 months of the year. It's no longer, "I'm just buying for fall, then I'm buying for spring and summer." In high summer, you might want a few spaghetti-strap dresses, and in winter, you might add a couple of chunky sweaters. But mainly, I prefer to choose clothes that work for most of the year.


Mock-neck sweater, $120, and shoes, $185, 


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Chatting fall fashion with Ann Taylor's creative director