Fall styles: Would you wear this fashion trend?

Fall styles: Would you wear this fashion trend?

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Fall styles: Would you wear this fashion trend?

Let's face it: The majority of clothes that come down the runway aren't actually practical for everyday life. There is a reason those Reitmans ads are hilarious -- it's because they're true! When you're adding new items to your wardrobe it's crucial to keep your own personal style in mind, as well as a general gauge of practicality.

To help us get a better idea of what trends are actually wearable for the fall season, we asked "CityLine" fashion expert Lisa Rogers for her sage sartorial advice.

Tricky trend No. 1: Fur
"I love fur. I love the softness, the richness and depth of colour, the luxuriousness and the finished, polished look of it. However, after saying all that my conscience gets the best of me," says Rogers. "Luckily, faux fur is everywhere and it is getting better and better with every season."

As fur has become popular again, manufacturers are upping the quality of faux blends on offer. Nowadays, it can be hard to tell the difference between fake and real furs. Faux fur trim on the hoods of coats and sweaters can be a fun way to get in on the trend without feeling guilty.

If you'd prefer to wear real fur, consider a company that leans toward the eco-friendly, like Canada's own Harricana. They take existing furs and recycle them into new creations.

Tricky trend No. 2: Flared jeans
"I loved flares when I was 16 and I think that is the age when they work the best," says Rogers. "You really have to be quite tiny through the hips to get away with them. If you like the look of flares, an alternative option would be wide-leg pants, which have more room through the hips and therefore provide a more balanced look."

If you're unsure about the resurgence of flared jeans, definitely stick with a wide-leg jeans as Rogers suggests, in lieu of other flared styles that fit like a skinny jean through the thigh and then expand out into bell bottoms. Serious 1970s interpretations like that are best left to teenagers who are experimenting with personal and vintage style.

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Tricky trend No. 3: Ponchos
"I'm not a fan of ponchos -- they're one of those things you either love or you don't," confesses Rogers. "Again, it's a revival of the '70s and, for me, if it wasn't good the first time, it isn't any better the second."

Rogers says they aren't practical for the cooler weather: "I feel like I'm in a blanket and my arms are exposed as the cold air rushes up, so I'm not as warm as I would like to be and, overall, I think it looks a bit unkempt and messy," she says. She also warns that because of the poncho's lack of structure, your purse is bound to slip off your shoulder.

So if this is a style you're thinking of trying, be sure to pair it with a bag you can hold on to (either with your hands or your forearm).

Tricky trend No. 4: Bright pants

Rogers is all about colour: "I adore bright pants -- I have red pants, bright blue pants, yellow pants and I plan to buy more." Bright-colour make such a great statement and are so playful; just be sure to keep the rest of the palette neutral so you don't overdo it. Moving into fall, extreme brights might feel a little too summer-inspired, so opt for vibrant autumnal colours such as rust or hunter green.

Tricky trend No. 5: Choker necklaces
"I love the choker necklace. I think it can be very elegant, but it does look best on a long, lean neck," says Rogers. "It also shouldn't look like it is actually choking you, which often seems to happen." Wear these statement necklaces with a simple T-shirt, V-neck or cowl-neck shirt to let the jewelry speak for itself. "Remember, your necklace should be the focus of attention, so don't pair it with large, over-the-top earrings -- keep all your other accessories minimal," advises Rogers.

If you're looking to spruce up your wardrobe with some hot trends for fall, ask yourself whether they fit with your personal style and your overall way of life. Look at a seasonal trend as objectively as possible and ask yourself: "Would I really wear this?"

If you're still stuck on how to update your wardrobe, do as we did and ask a fashionable friend for their personal opinion. You might just be surprised what a second set of eyes can do for your closet.

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Fall styles: Would you wear this fashion trend?