Fashion for every body: Bodycon dress

Fashion for every body: Bodycon dress

IMAGE: Michelle-Andrea Girouard


Fashion for every body: Bodycon dress

Forget what you've been told about the rules—fashion is for every body! Our host and #WeTheCurvy columnist Meredith Shaw embraces the bodycon dress, along with five other women.

Our Fashion for Every Body video series features five women styling one item using picks from their own closets—and in the process they chat about body positivity and growth in the fashion industry.

Form-fitting, curve-hugging bodycon dresses—they incite fear in the best of us. They make it impossible to hide the parts of our bodies we aren't on the best terms with. But, that can be a positive thing if you let it. Lean into the bodycon dress and show off your shape and watch how something that used to make you self-conscious is suddenly something that makes you feel empowered. Not convinced? Watch as five women opt for bodycon dresses and make them their own, each stepping a little bit out of their comfort zone. Hopefully, you'll be inspired to try something new too.


Michelle-Andrea Girouard

Elaine Song
Alexandra Donaldson
Julia McEwen

Michelle-Andrea Girouard
Kareen Mallon

Production Assistant
Andrea Josic

Host & Stylist
Meredith Shaw


Hair & Makeup
Ashley Readings
Wendy Rorong

Murissa Barrington
Aiko Iwashita
Beverly Kesse
Kathryn McEwen
Yvette Nechvatal-Drew
Meredith Shaw



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Fashion for every body: Bodycon dress