Five minutes with Kirstine Stewart of Twitter

Five minutes with Kirstine Stewart of Twitter

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Five minutes with Kirstine Stewart of Twitter

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Though the day was bitterly cold when Kirstine Stewart visited our offices, she demonstrated that bad weather is no excuse for sartorial sensibilities to suffer. We talked with the Twitter star—who was draped in a black silk-georgette Max Mara jumpsuit accessorized with skyscraper suede Prada booties and the most flattering coral lipstick—about fashion, Canadian designers and wearing denim in the workplace.

When dressing for work, do you gravitate toward black or colour?
I do embrace colour, but I probably use it more in accessories than I do in garments. I recently splurged on a pair of coral Jimmy Choo sling-backs. They've become one of the most versatile things I own, surprisingly; I can wear them with pretty much everything.

What's your go-to piece when travelling ?
A jumpsuit, for sure, because it's like a dress with legs. To me, it's the ease of picking one thing out of your closet that you know is going to look good—and you don't have to assemble any separates.

On an important day, what kind of clothing makes you feel confident?

I like to build confidence through heels. It's interesting that, for a long time, heels were seen by certain groups of women as a negative, like they were designed to hobble us. I actually like what they do in terms of bringing you up a level. They give me confidence from the ground up; I can feel the power coming through my heels.

Do you wear denim at the office?

I love denim in an office setting as long as it's clean and neat—no raggedy hemlines or rips. I don't think there's anyone I work with, from the CEO on down, who doesn't wear jeans to work. Twitter is a forum that really believes in self-expression, so I think the last thing the company would ever do is try to tell people how to dress.

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Five minutes with Kirstine Stewart of Twitter