Here are 6 foolproof tips for taking care of your knitwear

Here are 6 foolproof tips for taking care of your knitwear

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Here are 6 foolproof tips for taking care of your knitwear

Sweater weather is officially here, and we’re excited to snuggle up in our favourite knits all winter long.

If you want your knitwear to keep its shape and look good for more than a season or two, it's essential to take proper care of it.

Not sure where to start? Follow our six simple tips for looking after your knitwear.

1. Always read the care labels

The manufacturer's care instructions are important and explain the best way to care for your knitwear. The symbols on the labels will tell you whether the garment is machine washable or not, what temperature to use or how to dry it properly. This information can reduce the risk of fading or ending up with a garment that's lost its shape.

2. Avoid washing your knitwear after every wear

Your knitwear doesn't need to be washed every time you wear it. You can air your sweater outside to eliminate odours or wear a T-shirt underneath the ones you wear regularly. If the fabric of your knitwear easily traps hair and dust, use a lint brush to remove it.

3. Wash your knitwear properly

Here's a simple method for hand-washable knitwear: fill your sink or bucket with cold water, add a little mild detergent and leave your knitwear to soak for about 30 minutes. Rinse it under cold water and gently remove the excess water without wringing it out too hard, then place it on a towel. Roll up the towel to remove the rest of the water and leave your knitted fabric to dry flat on another towel. Always follow the instructions on the label, and in the case of dry-cleaning: dry-clean only!

4. Remove pilling correctly

To remove lint, lay your knitwear flat and cut out the pilling (one at a time) using a hand razor or an electric lint remover. Don't press too hard with the razor to avoid thinning the fabric.



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5. Store your knitwear carefully

Avoid hanging your knitwear, as it retains its shape longer when folded. To fold a knit garment properly, lay it flat and fold each sleeve diagonally across the back of the garment. Then fold it horizontally or roll it up from the bottom to the collar. Don't fold it too tightly to protect the fibres from too much rubbing. For extra delicate knits, place tissue paper between them. If you need to hang a sweater up, fold it over the hanger on tissue paper to avoid creasing.

6. Store your knitwear properly at the end of the season

At the end of winter, make sure you store your knitwear properly so that it retains its shape. Take the time to wash it well, make sure it’s dry and fold it for storage. You can add a sachet of lavender to repel insects and keep your garments fresh. Avoid storing them in vacuum-sealed bags, as they retain moisture, which could lead to mould or yellowing of your knitwear.






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Here are 6 foolproof tips for taking care of your knitwear