How to break out of a style rut

How to break out of a style rut

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How to break out of a style rut

It's a vicious cycle: One day you're in love with your new black pencil skirt and white button-up blouse, the next you're cursing them both because you've worn them to excess. Getting into a style rut is common, but breaking free of fashion boredom is easier than you think.

We asked Jasmine Imani, women's fashion director of, to share her tips on how to break out of a style rut and reignite your passion for your wardrobe.

1. Add a pop of colour
Reintroducing colour is the first way to breathe new life into your closet. "For fall, there's a lot of deep jewel tones -- burgundy, forest green, deep blue -- so those colour trends are great for the workforce," says Imani. "Pastels will also stick around, but they'll get a little deeper, too."

One surefire way of embracing colour is to capitalize on two seasonal trends by layering a sheer button-up blouse with a bright-colour bralette. "With any sheer blouse, go ahead and add a pop of colour underneath with a bralette, fitted camisole or bodysuit," advises Imani. "With layering, your eye is not focusing on the bra, it's about the layers and it gives the outfit much more depth," she explains.

2. Pick up a vintage piece
Picking up a vintage or retro-inspired piece will go a long way toward breathing new life into your wardrobe, assures Imani. "The '20s and '70s are back," she says.

To capitalize on the vintage look while staying within your budget, Imani suggests using one item to give the pieces you already have a new twist. "Go to a vintage store and buy one thing you wouldn't normally wear, like a flared, printed skirt that you can wear with a little white tank and flat shoes," she suggests.

Then take the same skirt and wear it with a blouse and heels. You can easily take that vintage store find and combine it with what's already in your closet to create a few fresh and new outfits.

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3. Mix and match with blazers and jackets
Another key to revamping your look is to layer what you have in new ways, like pairing a blazer with cut-off denim shorts.

"Light blazers are nice during the summer," says Imani. "For example, if you wear a black sundress, grab a light jacket and throw it on to give your outfit a pop."

Pastel or bright-hued denim jackets also offer a fun way to re-energize an outfit or add some edge to an otherwise feminine look.

4. Choose loud shoes
Printed shoes are another way to add personality to your nine to five look, says Imani. "I'm seeing patterned shoes pop up everywhere," she says. "So if you're wearing your basic button-down and black pencil skirt, a shoe with a floral pattern will bring your outfit to life."

For casual wear, brands including Doc Martens have revealed new lines of bold, printed boots, so choose a pattern that works with the colours you wear most often and let your footwear shake up your esthetic when it comes to more laid-back looks.

5. Invest in a good pair of trousers
Trousers are a staple for good reason: You can make them dressy, casual, modern or retro depending on what top you pair them with.

"You might buy a pair of trousers to go to work in, but you can take them into evening by putting on a cute camisole to go out at night," explains Imani. "We'll see them all summer: A little tank, trousers and sandals. They flow into every trend and they're flattering on every body type."

You can also opt for pants in different colours or sheens. "If your pants are dressy enough or if they're shiny, throw on a fitted tee and you can take that outfit from day to night," says Imani. The more versatile the piece, the easier it is to create new outfits around it.

Breaking out of a style rut doesn't have to be frustrating and it definitely doesn't have to mean breaking the bank on a whole new wardrobe. By getting creative with what you already have and investing in the right staples, you'll realize you can put together more outfits than you thought possible.

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How to break out of a style rut