How to find the best shoe for you

How to find the best shoe for you

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How to find the best shoe for you

Despite what you may think, there are rules when it comes to wearing heels. After all, the heels you wear say a lot about you, so you want to convey the right message.

Alecia Guevara, a Canadian shoe designer and owner of avant-garde shoe boutique Divinitas Designs on Avenue Road in Toronto, says that heels contribute to our personalities and the way other people perceive us. "Stilettos exude power and sexiness while flats exude casual comfort," says Guevara, adding, "kitten heels are always sweet and feminine looking."

According to Guevara, the new chic wedge heels offer the same height as stilettos but are far more comfortable because, unlike stilettos, which place all the pressure on the ball of your foot, wedges support the entire foot.

The question is: What heels should you wear?
Long, skinny legs are best suited to flats, according to Guevara. "Try flat Belgium loafer-style shoes or ballet flats," she advises.

Short, stumpy legs are best suited to at least two-and-a-half-inch pumps. "A bit of a heel elongates your short legs while still maintaining comfort," says Guevara.

Muscular legs suit any type of heel, from stilettos to flats. "Not only do muscular legs have the strength to carry stilettos, but the legs look great in any type of heel because of their shape," she adds.

If you have thick ankles, opt for one- or one-and-a-half-inch heels. "You need to be closer to the ground for stability and circulation purposes," Guevara explains. "If you have thick ankles, you don't want to be elevated on your toes or you'll accentuate any circulation problems you may already have."

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Matching shoes to outfits
When it comes to what to wear with various heels, Guevara offers this simple list:

Kitten heels pair best with knee-length full dresses or skirts. If you're pairing them with jeans, make sure the jeans aren't too long, so you can show off the heels.

Flats pair best with fitted bolero-style pants and khakis as well as fitted or long fluted jeans.

Stilettos pair best with any outfit that reveals the legs, since they are meant to be dangerously sexy.

Stiletto boots pair best with fitted jeans with a fluted base.

If you're not a heel wearer, but want one pair of heels that will dress up various ensembles for parties, Guevara recommends investing in a pair of neutral-coloured two-and-a-half-inch heels. "You'll appear taller, and a neutral tone such as a soft camel will go well with all outfits," she says.

Guevara's tips for buying heels:
1. Look for heels that are joined to the sole of the shoe in the center of where your own heel rests. This type of heel is the most comfortable because it prevents your foot from being propelled forward.

2. Buy heels that run across the entire width of the heel of your foot and then taper toward the floor. This way you'll get more stability.

3. Stacked heels (platforms) allow you to be comfortably elevated in higher heels without the discomfort of wearing stilettos.

Whether you want to convey high glamour, casual elegance, full-throttle sex appeal or polished professionalism, the type of heel you put on matters just as much as the clothes you wear. So treat yourself to a pair of shoes that'll leave you head over heels!

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How to find the best shoe for you