How to have timeless fashion style

How to have timeless fashion style

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How to have timeless fashion style

Are you stuck in a wardrobe rut? Find out what items you already have in our closet, and which essentials you should think about adding to your wardrobe to get a timeless, classic fashion style.

Discover our editors' favourite clothing picks in our photo gallery of the top 35 classic pieces every woman should own. Do your friends tell you that you could use a fashion refresh? Find out for yourself if you're committing one (or all!) of the worst fashion don'ts, and learn what our style experts suggest to do to improve your look.

If you cling to the same pair of shoes for any reason – comfort, look, sentiment – it may be time to part ways. Find a new favourite pair in our guide of comfy, great-looking shoes that will go with any and all of your outfits, below. Trends can be fun to try, but can sometimes overwhelm a look. Find out how to add in trendy pieces – without looking like your daughter – in our great fashion guide.

Photo gallery: 35 classic items that will always be in style
Invest in these amazing 35 fashion finds that will never go out of style.

For a night out
Evening shoes, Spring, $50.

The worst fashion don'ts and how to avoid them

At one time or another we all slip up on the path to fashion finesse. Here are some easy ways to make a quick recovery.

So you’ve committed a fashion crime...or three. Join the club. From flood-ready pants and the dreaded “muffin top” bulge to peek-a-boo lingerie and crinkly, wrinkly clothes, follow these expert tips for correcting common wardrobe blunders and fashion don’ts. You may never look at your closet the same way again.

Picking a pair of classic shoes

Tips on buying shoes that won't go out of style.

The more choices being offered, the more confusing shoe-shopping tends to be. Round-toed or pointy? Kitten heel or stiletto? You want to be in fashion, but with trends changing at warp speed, it isn't easy -- or affordable -- to keep up with the Joneses.

To get the most bang for your buck, you need to be armed with an idea of what you're after. Here are some suggestions to make your trip to the shoe store a little easier.

Learn how to wear trends without looking like a teen

Learn how to wear the season's hottest styles without looking like your daughter and her friends.

It's ironic: teenage girls often follow fashion trends because they want to look mature, cute or sexy, but women in their 30s, 40s and 50s can't always pull off the same styles without looking too young. Nobody says you have to ditch fashionable clothes at a particular age, but sometimes teens can go all out for fashion while anyone beyond high school should be a little more restrained. Karen Kwinter, Canadian Living's Style Editor-at-Large, has a few basic rules for keeping your wardrobe age-appropriate, and how to wear trends without looking like your teenage daughter.

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How to have timeless fashion style