How to make a fresh flower crown

How to make a fresh flower crown

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How to make a fresh flower crown

A detailed floral crown is the perfect summer accessory for weddings and outdoor parties and is easy to make with friends or family. New York–based flower hair accessory designer Christy Meisner Doramus has created a new book, Flower Crowns: 30 DIY Floral Creations ($17, Ulysses Press) detailing 30 ways to create these unique accessories with both faux and fresh flowers.

Book cover - Flower Crowns: 30 DIY Floral Creations

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Here is one such design excerpted from the new book: Project 29, The Whimsical Fresh Flower Crown.

What you will need
Greenery, such as rose leaves and seeded eucalyptus
White medium-sized blooms, such as ranunculus
Scissors and garden shears

A 30- to 35-inch strand of grapevine
4-6 feet of florist wire

Step 1: Make a whimsical flower crown

1. Gather 2–3 small sprigs of greenery, cutting and the stems so they are no longer than 3–4 inches. Along with the grapevine, pinch the bunch together with your thumb and index finger. Begin forming your crown by wrapping florist wire around this bunch to secure.

Flower crown step 2

2. Add one of your white flowers to the base of the greenery, covering the wrapped wire with the bloom and preparing to wrap it into the growing strand.

Flower crown step 3

3. Secure the white flower to the bundle with florist wire by wrapping them together in a downward spiral motion two to three times around.

Flower crown step 4

4. Add more greenery and secure it to the bundle by wrapping the stem to the growing strand with florist wire.

Step 5

5. Continue adding the white flowers in one by one and wrapping them to the bundle in a pattern of your choice.

Step 6

6. Once you have created a floral chain that is approximately 28–30 inches long, pull one end toward the center of the strand to form a circle.

Step 7

7. Secure the end to the middle of the chain by wrapping the two together with a new piece of florist wire, covering the wire with greenery where possible.

Step 8

8. Prepare to connect the other end of the chain to the circle to form a double layer.

Step 9

9. Connect the second end of the chain to the other side of the circle, allowing the second layer to sit on top of the first for added volume.

Step 10

10. Once both ends are connected to the circle, the finished crown should look like this. 

Final look: Flower crown
And voila! A beautiful hair accessory for a big summer event.

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How to make a fresh flower crown