How to pack for a beach vacation

How to pack for a beach vacation

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How to pack for a beach vacation

Being a reformed overpacker, I know all too well the relief of packing a few extra dresses, shoes and accessories—these add-ons truly become a security blanket. But these “what if” items add up to larger pieces of luggage, checked baggage and, sometimes, weight-overage fees—no thanks!
It took some mistakes, time and practice, but now, I’m a lean, mean packing machine. Some of the rules I live by are to roll (never fold), unless you have a structured suit or blazer, choose lightweight pieces, stick to a colour scheme, limit the amount of footwear and always choose carry-on over checked luggage.
The two most important tricks I’ve learned over my many years of overpacking are: Start packing a few days before your trip (the extra time helps eliminate all those additional items that are triggered by a panicked packing job); and roughly plan each day’s ensemble while you’re packing. The prestyled outfits help you think of everything you’ll actually need—and more importantly, what you won’t need.  You’ll also be able to figure out how to repurpose items into your weekly wardrobe seamlessly.
If a beach destination is in your near future—say, the beaches of Mexico, the Hamptons or P.E.I.—here’s everything you need to pack for a week’s worth of stylish outfits. Bonus: All these items will fit in your carry-on.
Packing list: Clothing
1. 2 bikinis
2. 1 maxi dress
3. 1 pair of shorts
4. 1 skirt
5. 2 tank tops
6. 1 T-shirt
7. 1 jean jacket
8. 1 sundress

Packing for a beach vacation, clothing

Clockwise from top left:  Marquee Parade maxi dress, $80, Bikini top, $16, and bottoms, $14, Speckled cotton tank top, $24, Wilfred Adalene blouse, $110, Lace dress, $80, Noisy May jacket, $49, Mesh A-line skirt, $192, Belted chino shorts, $40, Striped T-shirt, $10, Bikini top, $25, and bottoms, $18,

Packing list: Accessories

1. 1 cross-body bag
2. 1 pair of flip-flops
3. 1 sun hat
4. 1 pair of sandals
5. 1 pair of sunglasses
6. 1 tote bag
7. 1 large scarf
8. 2 or 3 pieces of statement jewellery

Packing for a beach vacation, accessories

Clockwise from top left:  Tassel necklace, $76, Jewelled sandals, $80, Panama hat, $68, Wilfred square scarf, $70, Turquoise Expression tassel earrings, $13, Diamante necklace, $46, Lauren Ralph Lauren bag, $148, Printed flip-flops, $4, Tote, $40, Love sunglasses, $50,

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How to pack for a beach vacation