Jeanne Beker on fashion, family and love

Jeanne Beker on fashion, family and love

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Jeanne Beker on fashion, family and love

Canadian fashion icon Jeanne Beker shares her life lessons—style and otherwise.

Though best known for the long-running show Fashion Television, Jeanne Beker, 64, has worn many (real and metaphorical) hats over the years, including helping start the first fashion website and launching her own clothing line. She opens up about fashion risks, family and falling in love.

On shoes

“I’ve lived my life in eight-inch heels. Just recently, because I’ve been doing a lot of walking, I’ve started to wear flats. My closet is still stacked with sky-high heels, but now, I have ballet flats, loafers and opera slippers too.”

On her career path

“You never know where life will take you. I studied mime in Paris in the mid-‘70s, then I moved to St. John’s, N. L., and got a job in radio! If you think you know where you’re going, you have another thing coming.”

On her fashion inspiration

“People ask, ‘Who’s your style icon?’ expecting me to say Karl Lagerfeld. Although I’ve learned a lot from him, my daughters are my icons. They’re true to themselves, they’re comfortable in their own skin and they’re wildly creative in ways I never dreamed they could be.”

On shaking up your style

“Step out of your comfort zone on a regular basis. Don’t get locked into one image of yourself.”

On what she never leaves home without

“I rarely go anywhere without great lipstick. These days, my favourite shade is Bobbi Brown’s Rose Berry #26—I absolutely love it.”

On her passion for music

“I love jazz. There are some local artists around who are incredible. Jaymz Bee from Jazz FM [in Toronto] has turned me on to many.” Some of her faves? Jocelyn Barth, Genevieve Marentette and Barbra Lica.

On being vulnerable

“Some people don’t want to share anything, but I think that’s all we have to give each other as human beings—our personal stories. It gives us compassion for one another.”

On falling in love again

“It’s the most wonderful thing that can happen to you, and you should never lose faith. I didn’t think I’d fall madly in love again at this age. It puts you in touch with your inner child.”


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Jeanne Beker on fashion, family and love