Oscar fashion predictions: What will we see on this year's red carpet?

Oscar fashion predictions: What will we see on this year's red carpet?

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Oscar fashion predictions: What will we see on this year's red carpet?

Once awards season gets into full swing, it's hard not to get into the spirit of things. This year's Academy Awards promises to be no different than the glitzy, glamorous events of years past. And even if you're not a die-hard movie buff, there's something mesmerizing about watching all those Oscar fashion hits or misses -- especially the beautiful gowns that'll sweep down the red carpet.

What is it about those fancy dresses that have us glued to our TVs and picking up celebrity magazines the week after to digest the recap?

"I think that in today's celebrity-driven culture, the Oscars are one of the few times that we can fantasize about what it would be like to get dressed up and attend an event like that," says Karen Kwinter, Canadian Living's fashion and beauty editor-at-large.

"We can not only act as voyeurs, but we can play judge and jury as well, discussing with all our friends who we think looked the best and who didn't. We not only dissect the clothes but the hairdos and beauty as well."

Oscar fashion: Colour trends
Wondering what to expect from this season's show? Kwinter says that the biggest trend on the red carpet this year will be bright colours.

"Watch for lots of eye-popping colours, especially reds, oranges and hot pinks, followed by yellows and a bit of emerald green," she says.

But bright, bold, look-at-me colours aren't for everyone. Kwinter says that we'll also see elegant dresses in white, silver, gold and nude. And despite the fact that black is a perennial staple that she doesn't expect to see much of it.

"In a season of such wonderful bright colour, any stylist worth their salt would be recommending colour to their clients. The classic moniker LBD (Little Black Dress), should now stand for Little Bright Dress!"

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Hemlines and accessories
This year's Oscar fashion will likely include mostly long gowns as opposed to shorter hemlines, Kwinter says.

"I think simplicity will rule when it comes to the overall look," she says. "Bright colour in a dress doesn't call for a lot of embellishment on the dress or with accessories."

Watch for simple, one-shoulder or strapless styles with full skirts or soft-flowing, narrow and draped chiffon skirts, Kwinter says. The one fabric that is definitely having a moment is lace. Watch for all-over lace styles and lace and sheer insets.

Red carpet glamour: How to get the look
Just because you’re not going to the Oscars, doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun.

If you've got an upcoming special occasion, you can steal style tips from A-list actresses who know just how to wow!

Getting the look means keeping it simple, elegant and modern, says Kwinter.

"Be sparse with the jewelry and try to stick to one or two statement pieces," she advises. "Nude shoes are always a great choice and the purse of the moment is the clutch. With a nude shoe, you can match the clutch to your dress for real style impact!"

Interested in getting the glamourous look? Be sure to check out our top 10 special occasion dresses.

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Oscar fashion predictions: What will we see on this year's red carpet?