Quiz: Who's your classic Hollywood style icon?

Quiz: Who's your classic Hollywood style icon?

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Quiz: Who's your classic Hollywood style icon?

1. As part of your beauty regimen, you:
Go to the salon every two weeks to get your colour touched up. (Give yourself 2 points)
b) Go to the spa for your monthly facials, microdermabrasion, manicures and pedicures. You love looking polished! (Give yourself 3 points)
c) Drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep; that's all you need. (Give yourself 1 point)

2. Your dress of choice would be a:
Little black dress...a staple! (1 point)
b) Halter dress with a plunging neckline and loose-fitting everywhere accentuate the positive (2 points)
c) Wrap dress with accessories to dress it up (3 points)

3. You never leave home without:
A quick spritz of your favourite scent (2 points)
b) Your cute but comfy flats (1 point)
c) Your glitzy jewelry (3 points)
d) Your gym bag (0 points)

4. The ideal way to spend a Saturday night is:
Dancing at the hottest jazz club in town (2 points)
b) An intimate dinner with your closest friends (1 point)
c) Heading to an art gallery opening (1 point)
d) Throwing a fancy party, complete with catered food (3 points)

5. Your signature lipstick colour is:
Chanel red (2 points)
b) Lip balm like Chapstick or Labello (0 points)
c) Pink lip gloss (1 point)
d) A bold burgundy (3 points)

6. The lastest accessory you bought or wanted is:
A silk scarf (1 point)
b) Leather gloves (1 point)
c) A funky rhinestone bangle with lots of sparkle (3 points)
d) Diamond earrings (2 points)

7. When you open your closet you will mostly find:
Bohemian-inspired silk shirts and lots of colour (3 points)
b) Cocktail dresses ... you can never have too many! (2 points)
c) Pant suits in shades of brown, grey and black (1 point)
d) Track suits, T-shirts, sweaters, some jeans, lots of pants, hardly any skirts (0 points)

8. In your purse, you will find:
A compact for quick touch-ups (4 points)
b) Extra accessories to throw on for after-work drinks or dinner (3 points)
c) Your date book (1 point)
d) Your red lipstick (2 points)

9. Your favourite trend for spring (even if you won't wear it) is:
High-tech metallics (4 points)
b) Platform heels (3 points)
c) The shirt-dress (2 points)
d) Tailored skinny pants (1 point)

10. On your next shopping trip, you would most likely go to:
Miami (3 points)
b) New York (2 points)
c) Paris (1 point)
d) Your hometown...nothing beats local talent! (0 points)

11. The most romantic gesture from your honey would be:
Flowers sent to you "just because" (1 point)
b) Scoring reservations at the new "it" spot in the city (3 points)
c) A new set of luxurious lingerie from La Perla (2 points)

12. Your hair is typically:
Wavy, loose and casual (2 points)
b) Voluminous with lots of curls and styling (3 points)
c) Tied back in a chic ponytail (1 point)

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Who's your classic Hollywood style icon?
8-12 points: No-fuss style à la Katharine Hepburn
Like this classy but practical lady, you love pants and flats and you favour a simple ponytail or loose bun over fancy hairdos. You're active, love walking (no stilettos for you) and don't want to be bogged down by accessories or anything too frou-frou. While you care about style, it's more important that your clothes look classic, not trendy.

13-22 points: Classic beauty à la Audrey Hepburn
Elegant and graceful, Audrey Hepburn had a style that was so timeless many women still try to copy her subtle sophistication today. You don't obsess about your clothing choices, rather you stick with classic combinations like tailored white shirts and well-fitting denim. You care about your looks, but often keep your beauty regime simple. A touch of blush, a stylish headscarf and big shades are often all you need before running out the door. Women admire your effortless chic!

23-29 points: Va-va-va-voom à la Marilyn Monroe
When you enter a room, people's heads turn. You love making a grand entrance and causing some whispers as you saunter by in your stilettos and racy cocktail dresses. You follow the trends and are always on top of what's hot in fashion. Who cares if it takes you two hours to get ready for a night out on the town? Looking this glamorous is what being a woman is all about!

30+ points: Go big or go home à la Elizabeth Taylor
Accessories, accessories and more accessories! You are the quintessential diamond icon. Whether they're real or fake, you love to adorn yourself with beautiful jewels. Bangles, big earrings, brooches, anything with colour reigns supreme in your wardrobe! You are very confident in your style choices and like to go against tradition. Many appreciate your unique and bold take on fashion.

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Quiz: Who's your classic Hollywood style icon?